1. block plane

    block plane

  2. block plane

    block plane

  3. block plane

    block plane

  4. block plane

    block plane

  5. block plane

    block plane

  6. block plane

    block plane

  7. Low-angle bench plane

    Low-angle bench plane

    After a proper sharpening and a few minutes of setup, it effortlessly made thin curly shavings on this red oak.
  8. Maloof Low Back Chair

    Maloof Low Back Chair

    Walnut with ebony accents.
  9. cyclopentadiene

    Maloof Low Back Side Chair Completed

    I completed my Maloof Low back side chair using walnut and ebony accents as described in the thread Coopered seats in How To forum). Attached are a few photos of the finished product.Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome and look of the finished chair. lesson learned, invest in better...
  10. Maloof low back chair back view

    Maloof low back chair back view

  11. Maloof Low back chair front view

    Maloof Low back chair front view

  12. Maloof low back chair side view

    Maloof low back chair side view

    Rough shaping almost complete, ready for sanding
  13. Front view with arms

    Front view with arms

  14. Side view with arms

    Side view with arms

  15. Low Back 3

    Low Back 3

    Step 3, shaping of the legs
  16. Low Back 3

    Low Back 3

    Step 3, shaping of the legs
  17. kooshball

    Low gloss poly top-coat??

    I am now strongly considering putting a urethane top-coat on my walnut dresser to protect all the shellac. My wife and I prefer low-gloss finishes (60deg gloss of 10 or less) but I am having trouble finding one on the retail shelf in an wipe-on formulation. Any ideas for wipe on low-gloss...
  18. Larry Rose

    Hepplewhite Low Boy

    Finally finished this mahogany Hepplewhite Low Boy. The finish is BLO followed by amber shelac, a toner coat of walnut gel stain and more shelac. It's based on one I saw in an antique store. View image in gallery
  19. buildintechie

    Need a low profile table slide

    Hey all- I'm working on a split top table of sorts, and need a low profile table slide...don't care if its metal or wood....anybody have any ideas? This is what I need, just something that has an overall profile of an inch or less...
  20. mountaintop

    New Nova DVR XP getting Fault Low Voltage

    Without starting a flame I would like to ask one question. Do others have the Fault LowVoltage warning on very light catches? Mine is only 4 days old and has the latest version board according to Tim 6.06xs14 which is not suppose to have these errors anymore. I can't turn a bowl without...

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