1. Horse


  2. Horse - one with light background, one with dark

    Horse - one with light background, one with dark

    Same cutting - one with light background, one with dark background, Which do you like the best?
  3. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse - Christmas Morning

    A picture says a thousand words.... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  4. DSC_00711


    Rocking Horse
  5. DSC_0083-1


    Rocking Horse
  6. Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse
  7. moodyfloyd

    Rocking Horse

    Here's the first ever Rocking Horse I've ever made... Made from Cherry, Jitoba, and Maple. A Christmas gift for our daughter's first Christmas....and hopefully something to be passed down over the years to younger generations :) Let me know what you think! Shawn View image in gallery
  8. Rocking Horse-1

    Rocking Horse-1

    Body cut out of Maple
  9. moodyfloyd

    finish advice - rocking horse

    Hello All, My latest project is a Rocking horse I am making for our Baby Girls' first Christmas. It is being made out of Maple, Cherry and Jaboda with a Classic Cherry Stain. I would appreciate all of your advice on the best finish for this project. What would be the best for look, and...
  10. Mike Davis

    need to build horse run in

    What do you recommend for the wood and does anybody have some cheap? I mean really cheap? :rotflm:
  11. Mike Davis

    Spoon making or Shaving horse workshop?

    I'm open to doing some small workshops at my shop in Walnut Cove, NC. Spoon carving - $75 one day class, I supply everything, limited to three students. Will do more classes if wanted. Will discuss three types of spoons, show some examples and you will make at least one spoon. Shaving...
  12. CarvedTones

    rustic shave horse

    Not sure I am really finished. I split a little white cedar log and the piece I used was about 1/3 of it. I haven't leveled it because the split had just enough twist that I would go thinner than I would like. However, for the look I am after - a rustic shave horse with character - it really...
  13. Mike Davis

    Planning a modular shave horse

    Kind of a multifunction affair. I know I've always said multipurpose tools serve no purpose well. But I think this is different. This will be a shop tool that has various modules that are interchangeable. It will be used for shaving tool handles, carving spoons, planing boards, sawing...
  14. Mike Davis

    Shaving horse workshop POSTPONED till MAY

    In order to teach spoon carving I need to build some shaving horses. It seems some others would like to build their own horse too. So, how about a shaving horse workshop on Saturday April 2nd? Let me know ahead and I can pick up a 2 x 10 for you to build a portable horse or if you want...
  15. cskipper

    Carousel Horse puzzle

    Here's a puzzle I cut this weekend. I promise I won't post every puzzle I make, but this was the largest (approx 8 x 11) and has 189 pieces. The second picture is the backside of this puzzle.
  16. Carousel Horse puzzle backside

    Carousel Horse puzzle backside

    189 pieces
  17. Carousel Horse Puzzle

    Carousel Horse Puzzle

    189 pieces
  18. CrealBilly

    Horse Barn?

    Well I knew it was just a matter of time... My boys just quoted out all the timber for their first horse barn, 10 stall, 4 singles and 1 double on each side with a office and tackroom upfront. Which is all fine a dandy, but all the stalls required cherry, yes cherry. I was sure it was a mistake...
  19. Horse portrait

    Horse portrait

    designer Gayle
  20. oldhippie1951

    Table Saw horse power?

    I "upgraded" from a 10 year old Craftsman table top with legs, direct drive, cast aluminum table saw to a 20 year old "basket case" Craftsman cast iron table saw with the belt drive motor stickin' out the back. I got her up and running today and am I very disappointed in the POWER! The other...

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