1. CDPeters

    Double stick tape - what do you use?

    OK, so I finally ran out of double-stick tape that I use for temporary attachment of router templates and such. The product I had before was much the same thickness-wise as duck tape and had just the right amount of grip. Unfortunately, I pitched the inner roll cardboard, so I don't know what...
  2. T

    6" & 4" spiral pipe and fittings

    I am looking for approximately 60-80' of 6" spiral pipe and approximately 40' of 4" spiral pipe to help finish assembling my dust collection system. In addition, I will need 6x6x4" lateral y's. If you know of anyone that has some of these products would you please send them my way via email...
  3. T

    6" Spiral Duct Needed

    If anyone has any 6" spiral duct or knows of anyone that is interested in selling what they have leftover, I am interested in approximately 60' of that pipe. Best way to contact me is my email...... temp626@aol.com........... Thank you for the help, Tom Empie Concord, NC
  4. H

    Connections for metal duct work?

    OK so I have quickly figured out that with wall thickness differences, 6" metal duct work doesn't fit the plastic connectors. Are metal 45's and y's available for 6" ducts? Is that a specialty item or do the borgs carry such things? Forgive me that I have not looked there yet, but so often...
  5. H

    Dust collection: Duct placement to TS?

    I have known for a long time I need to improve my dust collection - and any system would be a big step up from a shop vac! When a friend whose dad ran a pro shop came in and the first thing she said was "Looks like you need a dust collection system" ... I pleaded guilty and resolved to change...
  6. H

    Triangle source for 6" duct work?

    I have acquired a cyclone that I want to start using. I plan to use 6" duct work, but the Cary Lowes only carries the Sch 40 $$$ expensive stuff. I have read in previous posts about McMaster Carr as a source for fittings, but want to find a local source for thin wall 6" (PVC?) pipe...
  7. buildintechie

    Source for metal duct

    Hey all- Anybody have a suggestion for a source for metal duct for my dust collection system? I picked up a bunch of flex tubing from MarkE (thanks Mark!!) for making my final collections, but want to hard pipe my main branches. I've found the fittings I need at woodworker supply, but...
  8. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  9. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  10. CrealBilly

    Question Duct Board

    Forced air system - can you use the space in between floor joists for duct, if you line the space with duct board? http://www.certainteed.com/products/insulation/index/317382
  11. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  12. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  13. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  14. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  15. DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout

    DC Duct Layout
  16. WoodWrangler

    Duct Installation Nearly Complete

    Today was a good day! Rick (thesource), Phillip (ptt49er) and his buddy Jeremy (not me :gar-La;) showed up at my place bright and early to help with the installation of some duct. Rick promised me that it wouldn't take but a few hours ... and he was right. Two hours later and the duct was...
  17. WoodWrangler

    Cyclone to Duct Connection Advice Needed

    The cyclone has an 8" inlet port ... and the duct is 8". I opted to use the Nordfab duct and it seems to be an exact size match to the inlet port ... so I'm going to have to do something to hook them together. Any ideas? I could resort to tape, but I'd prefer something a bit neater. How...
  18. Tarhead

    Looking for Small Amount of Duct Sealant

    Does anyone have a partial bucket of duct sealant or whatever its called (you know...that white sticky stuff painted over taped sheet metal HVAC joints sold in ~gallon buckets) I need to paint 4 or 5 junctions on my dust collector that won't stay sealed with metal tape and a big bucket of the...
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Cyclone duct work before and after

    I thought you all might get a kick out of my "brilliant" first attempt at the duct work for my cyclone. The final configuration is attached for comparison. Some days I am just a bone head.:icon_scra:gar-Oo::BangHead::eusa_doh: The second does not use flex hose and the turns are more gradual...

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