1. Rick M

    Bought a GP lathe but it needs a chuck, what should I buy?

    I bought an old Goodell Pratt 125 bench lathe but it is apparently missing the chuck. Originally it came with either a #1 or #2 Morse taper depending on the year, since I don't know the year of this lathe and I'm not very familiar with lathe headstocks, I'm not sure what I have or what to go...
  2. TracyP

    Donation Drive

    What is the ending date for the donation drive?
  3. TracyP

    Donation Drive Coming to an End

    Fellow members, we are only $485.00 away from our goal for the fall donation drive. While our site requires technical folks to maintain the site, it also requires dollars to keep things running. We are only $485.00 shy of our donation drive goal and on behalf of the staff and BOD I ask that...
  4. TracyP

    Donation Drive Payment Options

    This is a complete rewrite to the original post. If you make a donation please use the link at the right end of the donation barometer. The green links are not being added to the donation barometer due to some type of linking error. We need to accurately report all donations and when using...
  5. C

    The Fall Donation drive starts September 1st

    I hope everyone will take a moment and read this. Our site is growing. Numbers show that we have 5,640 registered members as of writing this! We have 688 active members. Pretty decent numbers for a 'local' site and growing every day!! You all may remember when you found this site and looked...
  6. C

    Spring Donation Drive

    The numbers are up - we've met and slightly exceeded our $2000 goal. I think we can end the Spring Donation Drive as soon as Trent can work his magic and change things back. Your thoughts?
  7. eyekode

    Reeve's drive maintenence

    I started up my new-to-me PM 1150A drill press tonight. It ran pretty smoothly and I may not need to replace any bearings. But when I tried to change the speed via the Reeves drive I hit some issues. It seems like as the back pulley gets smaller (which actually means the hub is expanding) the...
  8. C

    Our Spring Donation Drive is Underway!

    IT'S HERE!! OUR SPRING DONATION DRIVE IS UNDERWAY! Twice a year we come to you and ask for a donation to keep the site going. We have no dues, no admission, no registration fees, no user fees of any kind. We DO have bills though. Keeping this site operating takes funds. We have been...
  9. C

    Spring Donation Drive

    Okay - Time has passed and it is here. Well it will be Tuesday. The Spring Donation Drive. I didn't get much input - so all I know to do is run it like the Fall drive. Questions may be asked that I can't answer - particularly relating to our non-profit status. Jim - Can you dust off...
  10. SteveColes

    All done. Large sata disk drives for FREE

    I've upgraded a few of my disk drives on my home computer and NAS. I have some older ones to give away. There is: WD WDE6400 640GB. SATA 3.0 Gb/sec 7200 RPM -------Ben325e WD WD7500AACS 750GB SATA 3.0 Gb/sec 7200 RPM-----RayH Hitachi hde721010sla330 SATA 3.0Gb/sec 1TB 7200 RPM...
  11. C

    Fall Donation Drive

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Just not something you hear everyday is it? We have two weeks left in the Fall Donation drive. We are some $480 short of our goal. There have been some great posts trying to rally the troops. But here we are still short. I've not been a part of this before and the...
  12. C

    Fall donation drive

    We are two weeks into our Fall Donation Drive! We are still just under half way to our goal. Our site is always a flurry of activity. In the past 24 hours - 307 registered members have signed on, and 68 of those members made posts. 3160 guests have looked at our site. That is a lot of...
  13. C

    Donation Drive Update

    Our Fall donation drive is still going on! Our donation thermometer is climbing~ We have had some good activity in the drive early on. Thank you to everyone that has been able to contribute so far. If you have meant to make a donation, maybe you could take a few moments and donate this...
  14. TracyP

    We need a week one donations drive update

    I'll be glad to do it if Andy is tied up with work. The donations have essentially fizzled out in the last few days. We need to bump the spirit up a bit. Week one has been great and we need to encourage the members to donate to help us reach the goal.
  15. C

    Our Fall Donation Drive Is HERE!!

    OUR FALL FUNDRAISER IS HERE! We have started our Fall Donation Drive ~ NC Woodworker needs YOUR donations! We all know that NC Woodworker has no registration fees and no annual dues. We rely on our membership to donate what they can. We use our donation drives twice a year to...
  16. Vetteman9956

    Athen Drive Marching Band sale

    Hey Guys, My son is a member of the Athens Drive Marching Band and they are selling the Raleigh Citipass Discount books as a fundraiser. I'm not normally into these things but Cathy and I bought one last year and kept track of what we saved. It came to over $700 so I'm sold on them. They are...
  17. Mark Gottesman

    ? How fast to run a belt drive mandrel?

    Snagged one of those old belt drive grinding mandrels with the oil cups and bronze(?) bearings. I have a 1725 rpm motor and want to figure out what speed these things will handle. Primarily going to use it for wire wheel and buffing work while cleaning up tools. The wire wheels I get go to 4500...
  18. S

    motor shaft change with Reeves drive

    Hi all, I need to find out if it is possible to get an adapter or do whatever I have to do to switch a lame Harbor Fright Chinese motor with a really nice Baldor motor I have. The sticking point is that the original HF motor has about a 4" long shaft (5/8") which it appears to fully need for...
  19. Tar Heel

    1st week donation drive report

    As of Sunday, which was the end of the first week of the 6 week donation campaign, we had received $695 from 21 donors. That is certainly a good start, and I'd like to say thanks to those 21 donors. We have 4,070 members, 946 of whom are considered to be active members. Within the past 24...
  20. Tar Heel

    Donation Drive Kickoff

    Today marks the beginning of the first donation drive of the year. Historically, we have had 4 donation campaigns per year. The board of directors listens to, and is sensitive to, the needs and desires of the membership. Therefore, this is the first of only three donation drives we will have...

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