1. W

    worm drive saws

    My father was a carpenter and in the early to mid 50's, he bought the only electric saw he ever owned. It was a Skil and had the blade on the left side of the saw. It is now 50 years later and I have seen many, many worm drive saws, but never one with the blade on the right side of the saw...
  2. michaelgarner

    38in woodmaster had a safe drive.

    Ok ok, After a 23 hour day of driving up and back to the middle of nowhere, (I thought Idaho was the only place that had middle of no where's) Spending 3 hours getting it in the truck. Spending lots of money on gas, food, tie down's, it is finally home. I will be cleaning it up a bit but it is a...
  3. SteveColes

    Membership Drive

    We need to increase our membership. Why? Because to achieve some of our primary goals, a higher rate of activity is needed. The two areas that this affects the most are member buy and sell and local announcemnts. Right now very few people are going are going to come to this site for buy and...

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