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Today marks the beginning of the first donation drive of the year. Historically, we have had 4 donation campaigns per year. The board of directors listens to, and is sensitive to, the needs and desires of the membership. Therefore, this is the first of only three donation drives we will have this year, and it will run from February 1 through March 15 with a goal of $2,000. We know that everyone who contributes will not/can not do so during every drive, and we do not expect them to do so. We are also aware that, due to the individual economic circumstances of our members, there is no single time of the year that is best for everyone. We believe that having three opportunities during the year to support North Carolina Woodworker will make it easier for our members to make a donation if they desire to do so. The board has the responsibility to operate North Carolina Woodworker on a sound financial basis and believes that being responsive to the needs of the membership is a vital part of exercising that responsibility.

You may make a donation by clicking on the Donate to NC WW button at the top of the page or the Donate Now button to the right of the donation thermometer.

If you would like to pay by check, simply make the check out to "North Carolina Woodworker, Inc." and notate in the memo section "Donation".

Then mail it to:

North Carolina Woodworker, Inc.
1012 Maudlin Circle
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Thank you for your support.


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