The Fall Donation drive starts September 1st

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I hope everyone will take a moment and read this.
Our site is growing. Numbers show that we have 5,640 registered members as of writing this!
We have 688 active members. Pretty decent numbers for a 'local' site and growing every day!!

You all may remember when you found this site and looked around, one thing that seems to always stand out is this is a FREE site! There are NO registration fees, no user fees, no costs of any kind.
We are a member based site and are run by members, elected by and from the membership.
ANY member that opts in is eligible to be a corporate member.
All that is required to be a corporate member is wanting to be, and signing in regularly.

Corporate members vote at the annual meeting and elect the board of directors. There is a corporate members forum where the business and finances of the site is discussed and shared. No secret rings, code words, or special privileges and corporate membership costs the same as basic membership.

This site while free to enjoy, is not free to operate. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.
Part of obtaining and maintaining that status, dictates that we are only allowed a few fund raisers every year. Of those, 2 must be donation drives. We run one every spring and the other every fall.

This year we are aiming for a goal of $2000. We only have a short period of time to manage this.
Financial times are tough on us all. There are a myriad of worthy causes all after whatever dollars they can take in. We are no different.

If you believe IS a worthy cause, please take a moment and give to support our site.

YOUR staff works hard to be good stewards of the site money. YOU are cordially invited to become a corporate member, run for the board of directors, vote for the board of directors, and participate however you are most comfortable and able to perpetuating the site.
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Mark Stewart

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Thankyou for this message. I believe that this site is well worth my time and efforts and if you do a bit of math and just the active members contributed we could make this with a small donation of $3.00 each and be a little over the goal.

Thanks Mark
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