1. Berta

    Very Quick NEW Contest

    NORTH CAROLINA WOODWORKER IS VERY CLOSE TO 10,000 MEMBERS! 10,000 There are 10,000 pennies in $100.00 Pick the Date that we reach 10,000 members and WIN $100 MULTIPLE WINNERS WILL HAVE TO SHARE...
  2. 2015 March Winner

    2015 March Winner

    Berta\'s Scroll Saw Butterfly, March 2015 Contest Winner
  3. February, 2015 Winner

    February, 2015 Winner

    Theme: Turning
  4. January, 2015 Winner

    January, 2015 Winner

    Theme: Shop Storage
  5. December, 2014 Winner

    December, 2014 Winner

    Theme: Gifts given
  6. 2012 Calendar Contest entry

    2012 Calendar Contest entry

    a 6x7in relief woodcarving using acrylic paints on basswood
  7. Gotcha6

    Calendar Contest Photos

    I sent the following via PM 1 week ago with no replies. I'll assume there are no objections to the content of the photos and move forward with proofing & downloading: Jeremy has completed the composition and compilation of the Calendar Contest Photos for 2012. They may be downloaded & viewed...
  8. C

    Trim The Tree Contest

    Please check the calendar for complete information regarding the Trim The Tree Contest that The Hardwood Store of NC, Inc. is having. Thanks. Cheryl The Hardwood Store of NC, Inc.
  9. Gotcha6

    The Hardwood Store Tree Ornament Contest

    The Hardwood Store is sponsoring a Tree Ornament contest. Information regarding entry and rules are in the link below. Anyone interested in making a wooden ornament for their tree can submit to to the address on the bulletin. We'd also invite you to post your entry here on the site for...
  10. Gotcha6

    Calendar Contest Results

    I just spent a few minutes going over the tallies for the Calendar Contest & wondered if this had any significance with regards to our discussion of the continuation of this event: There were 109 photos submitted by approximately 63 + - different members. In no category were more than 72 total...
  11. IMG_22896


    cherry maple box
  12. Gotcha6

    2012 Calendar Contest Winners

    The votes are all in and the tie disputes are settled. Here are the winners of the 2012 NCWW Calendar Contest: Cover - PhilS - cover 1_d (canoe with NCWW logo above) Turnings - JRD - White Oak & Walnut vase; Sanders Fine Woodworking - Twins; sawduster - Pine Cone Pen Furniture - shaf2376...
  13. Gotcha6

    Calendar Contest Results EDITED

    Jim has opened the results for voting. There are actually 3 winners in each of the categories other than the cover for a total of 13. I have reviewed the voting results for the Calendar Contest & in all but 1 case the winner was a Runaway. We have one member winning in 2 categories and...
  14. Gotcha6

    2012 NCWW Calendar Contest entries

    Looks like in spite of a slow start and gremlins in the server we got a good field of candidates for the 2012 Calendar Contest. Don't forget to review them all and vote for your favorites soon.
  15. cskipper

    May board member enter calendar contest?

    I couldn't remember if we are allowed to enter the calendar contest or not. May we?
  16. Gotcha6

    Claendar Contest Uploads not visible

    Received a report from JRD that photos he uploaded to the Calendar Contest could not be viewed. Photo count on each category also shows 0 photos in all categories. Looks like they're not gettin' there.....
  17. Gotcha6

    2012 Calendar Contest

    It's almost PAST time to start this event. C'mon, folks, let's see some of the fruits of your labors! Below are the rules. Thanks to ScottM for getting them to me: 2012 North Carolina Woodworker Calendar contest For the 2012 North Carolina Woodworker calendar we will be having a one...
  18. flyrod444

    Prizes won in a contest on another site.

    I entered the nested set of oak burl bowls in a contest on another site this fall and won. Here are the prizes I won. I received a wonderful 3/8” detail gouge from Doug Thompson soon after the final vote. It has been used a lot in the short time I’ve had it. A...
  19. T

    Freud contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, Here is a contest that has some great chances to win. If you remember Alan did well with a door he built in our last contest. Freud running a huge new contest promotion for 3 people to win a FREE trip for 2 to Italy from Freud. There are 3 different contests with 3 different...
  20. ScottM

    And the calendar contest winners are....

    Before I announce the winners in the calendar contest I want to thanks all who submitted entries. As you can see from the quantity and quality of the submissions we have a lot of amazing artist amongst us. In my book everyone is a winner. I also want to thank those who have shown support by...

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