1. Onieda_DC


  2. T

    6" & 4" spiral pipe and fittings

    I am looking for approximately 60-80' of 6" spiral pipe and approximately 40' of 4" spiral pipe to help finish assembling my dust collection system. In addition, I will need 6x6x4" lateral y's. If you know of anyone that has some of these products would you please send them my way via email...
  3. dust collector

    dust collector

  4. dust collector

    dust collector

  5. dust collector

    dust collector

  6. roweathers

    Looking to purchase used 3hp cyclone dust collector

    I have a delta 1.5 hp collector, but looking to obtain a bigger cyclone. Please let me know if you know of a good deal on a used system. Also interested in metal ducting. Thanks, Ron
  7. kernnal

    CL Add- Grizzly Dust Collector

    No affiliation- Grizzley Dust Collector
  8. T

    1.5HP Cyclonic Dust Collector - $650 (Gastonia) not mine but I thought others might was to know about it
  9. Wolfpacker

    Cyclone Separators for Dust Collector & Shop Vacuum

    Came across these while looking for something else and was wondering if those of you in the know about dust collection could advise if either of these items would be worth considering.
  10. J

    Dual Purpose Post - WIP and Dust Collector vs Cyclone Attachment

    So, I have two goals with this post. 1. I've been working on a walnut toy box. This is my first project using rough lumber. Pictures below: Rough cut from Saw4you: Squared Stock Dry Fit of the front face - first raised panel project 2. During this project, I managed to create a giant...
  11. W

    Dust Collector setup ideas needed!

    Getting to the point where I need to add some DC to my work area. I've been using my shop vac connected to the port for my table saw and nothing on the blade guard. But as you know that doesn't work too well, still lots of dust all over the place. My space is small (12x24) and is shared as...
  12. HP 2HP DC with 35A cartridge filter

    HP 2HP DC with 35A cartridge filter

    Gloat.. Next step: making a new Thein cyclone lid for the garbage can with 4 inch piping to attach to the DC.
  13. S

    Delta 1hp Dust Collector, Like New - $125 (NW Greensboro)

    not mine Delta 1hp Dust Collector, Like New - $125 (NW Greensboro) Date: 2011-04-10, 11:27PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Very nice Delta 50-720 dust collector - little use...
  14. S

    Dust collector - $150 (Wake Forest)

    not mine Dust collector - $150 (Wake Forest) Date: 2011-04-07, 2:50PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Wood tech dust collector 3hp 220v works good have no need for it. Location: Wake...
  15. S

    Delta Shopmaster Dust Collector - $100 (Pinehurst)

    not mine Delta Shopmaster Dust Collector - $100 (Pinehurst) Date: 2011-03-27, 10:37AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 1 HP Delta Shopmaster sawdust collector, model AP400...
  16. S

    Grizzly 2hp dust collector - $150 (Lexington)

    not mine Grizzly 2hp dust collector - $150 (Lexington) Date: 2011-03-31, 8:04PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] can run off 110 or 220 Location: Lexington it's NOT ok to contact...
  17. K

    dust collector

    Has anyone had any success with any of the harbor freight dust collectors? I don't have room for a large one. Need a smaller one.
  18. S

    Ridgid dust collector - $50 (smithfield)

    Not mine RIDGID DUST COLLECTOR - $50 (SMITHFIELD) Date: 2011-03-13, 1:51PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] LIKE NEW RIDGED DUST COLLECTOR ***** ASKING 50.00 ***** CONTACT BOBBY --...
  19. mgoins

    Dust Collector - Finally!

    Have been looking to upgrade dust collection in the shop from 4" to 6" pipe for 2-3 years, but have been too resourceful (cheap) to buy new. Yesterday, LOML got up wanting to do a day trip (200+ miles one-way) to IKEA in Charlotte, so before we struck out. I searched Cr**gslist for Charlotte &...
  20. S

    Grizzly G1030YB Dust Collector - $150 (Holly Springs, NC)

    Not Mine Grizzly G1030YB Dust Collector - $150 (Holly Springs, NC) Date: 2011-03-05, 1:09PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This Dust Collector has never been used. You could say its just...

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