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Have been looking to upgrade dust collection in the shop from 4" to 6" pipe for 2-3 years, but have been too resourceful (cheap) to buy new.

Yesterday, LOML got up wanting to do a day trip (200+ miles one-way) to IKEA in Charlotte, so before we struck out. I searched Cr**gslist for Charlotte & hit upon a 2 HP SECO dust collector for $150. Sent the poster an email & eagerly awaited a reply.

The reply came in just as we rolled into town, so while my wife & daughter were in IKEA, I ran over to Matthews, NC to take a look at the collector. Dusty, but otherwise, it looked great. It had come out of a cabinet shop that had recently converted to a central system.

The ad had been out there for nearly two weeks. Am surprised one of you guys didn't snatch it up.

Here's a pic:

Back at IKEA, loading the loot was something else. Filled every nook & cranny, with no room to spare.

Back at home, the shop is ready for it... Last summer, we came upon a large lot of surplus 6" pipe from a local hospital construction project. Used that to plumb in several drops around the shop, but didn't have a blower big enough to drive the cyclone we'd built. This should work nicely...

Bill Clemmons

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Congrats on the great find, Marvin. When you get it all hooked up, post some pics of the shop. :eusa_danc



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IKEA is a 4 letter word and should be banned from any good woodworking site !!! :eusa_naug :wink_smil

. . . and by the way; good score on the DC :icon_thum



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Congratulations. My "new" dust machine will be delivered to me next weekend, can't wait. It runs on 220, seller never put the new service in so I got a steal. Didn't see the one you got, $150 for mine. I know you will enjoy yours as I will mine. My husband stated, "I thought you said you didn't need anymore large purchase?" I now have my sights on a Grizzly hybrid tablesaw to replace my contractor's tablesaw. Anyone needing a contractor's tablesaw keep watching. Thanks for sharing your new find. Lorraine


Marvin -- great that you found a good working DC, but after reading:
Dusty, but otherwise, it looked great. It had come out of a cabinet shop that had recently converted to a central system.
I must strongly advise that you replace the bags on this unit with a cartridge filter and a plastic bottom bag -- it is undoubtedly a 30 micron bag up top bag is letting all of the most dangerous fine dust through the bag. You do not want to be breathing that stuff! I'd recommend that you check out the cartridge conversion kits at Wynne Environmental (it looks like a 35A kit would work for your unit).
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