1. hymie123

    Carbide tool handles

    I decided to make a set of carbide lathe tools. I turned the handles today. While they are only 16 inches long this is the longest I can turn on my little Rikon lathe. I'm very happy with the way they turned out.
  2. Carbide Lathe Tools

    Carbide Lathe Tools

    Maple handle, steel rod.
  3. Carbide Lathe Tools

    Carbide Lathe Tools

    Maple handle, steel rod.
  4. Rick M

    Carbide lathe tools I made over the weekend.

    Carbide lathe tools. Maple handles, 1/2" steel round bar, copper ferrule, carbide cutters. Handles sanded to 320, finished with shellac, then buffed with 0000 steel wool and wax. Copper sanded to 2000 then buffed, top coated with shellac. If I do this again I will use aluminum square stock...
  5. charlessenf

    Need Carbide Saw Blade Sharpened near Lenoir, NC

    I have a dozen or so 10" carbide saw blades in need of sharpening; a couple in need of a tooth or two and a smaller blade from a biscuit joiner that I would like to reduce the kerf a bit. I have not been able to find a shop in Lenoir (or nearby) that does this sort of work, and would appreciate...
  6. Square_Bit_1


  7. Carbide_bits


  8. crokett

    HF Carbide Tool Tips

    Has anyone used the carbide tool tips from HF? I am going to try to get to my dad's forge this weekend to make a larger hollowing tool. I will plan on it having replaceable tips. I saw the ones at HF. If you used them. how did you attach them to your tool?
  9. T

    Ridgid Carbide 10 x 50 $21

    P/u a coupla these at a HD down here,They are being clearanced out with the 10 x 90 as well for $37.These are clearanced at $27,but if you have a HF nearby they'll take the 20% off with the coupon outta wood mag. Says made in Italy, might be a rebadged Freud or Avanti, and has a lifetime guarantee
  10. Rhythm House Drums

    Carbide Jointer knives

    I rarely use softer woods with what I do. A lot of hard maple, padauk, purple heart... It seems as though my jointer blades dull quicker than they should... maybe cause of the hardwoods. Would I benefit from using Carbide tipped knives? Anyone have experience with these? I have a 6" jet...
  11. merrill77

    Duragrit TruSander carbide sanding block?

    Anyone tried one of these? I ran across a review of a similar product (sup-r-sander) in an old issue of FWW (~2000). I try to avoid sandpaper most of the time (favoring a scraper) but still fall back to sanding for some tasks. Curious to hear...
  12. J

    Help with carbide tipped tools

    Well I made the mistake of letting the guy at Woodcraft show me and let me try out of of the Easy ci tools. I loved it. I can't afford the tools, so I found a video on youtube of how to make one by Capt'n Eddie. He also sent me direction. I ordered some cutter tips, then realized that I do...
  13. timf67

    How do you grind carbide

    I love dumpster diving at work, and today I found out that they were tossing used carbide end mills in the trash! So I have a 5/8" diameter 6" long solid carbide end mill and the flute is only 1.5" long leaving 4.5" of solid 5/8" carbide bar stock. I would love to grind a turning tool out of...
  14. dino drosas

    Carbide Band SawBlades

    NOT MINE! Hereis a great deal on Lenox TriMaster blades for resawing if you saw will accommodate them. For you guys with large saws, you can buy two and have them welded toogether; still less than 30% of retail...
  15. Rob

    Carbide bandsaw blades

    What do you use and where did you get it? Looking for re-sawing.
  16. X

    Leitz solid carbide spiral routers ($20)
  17. X

    Leitz TCT router bits and solid carbide spiral routers

    Just thought I'd give you folks a heads-up on these Leitz bits : Thanks, MJ I added another tread with more items...
  18. M

    Need to get a Solid Carbide Router Bit Shortened

    I just got a 1/4" down-spiral router bit that I intended to use for inlaying bandings. The bit is 2-1/2" long, and just a bit too long for use in my small palm router. I thought about just grinding it down, but it is solid carbide, so that wont work! Does anyone out there know of a way, or...
  19. Flute Maker

    Anyone Used the Tools with Carbide Inserts?

    Has anyone used the turning tools with replaceable carbide inserts ? How did they perform ? Pros and cons of them. And who makes the best one for the money ? Thanks Everybody !
  20. S

    35mm carbide forstners for $4 at Holbren

    Per Gary's PM request (NCTurner) 35mm carbide forstners for $4 at Holbren Brian at Holbren has $4 35mm carbide forstners advertised at woodnet $2 for each extra prices are shipped paypal money to and put the quantity ordering in the comments

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