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A friend from mountains brought me a peice of walnut from his firewood pile and said he is burning the rest in his woodstove because that is all the wood he has.If I contacted a firewood supplier on the phone to deliver to an address,how would I be sure of Quality hardwood when I live 7 hours away?Any recommendations will be appreciated.Tony
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Tony, where are you talking about getting this delivered? Someone on this site might live close enough to your friend to get some delivered to him


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Not sure what you're planning to do with this but in my experience firewood does not equate to "Quality hardwood" from a woodworking perpective. Turning wood yes (sometimes), flat stock no. Firewood is typically a lot of limbs and the bottom of the barrel from a quality standpoint for the trunk wood you get. What good wood you end up with will come at a high price by the time you pay to transport it and the unusable stuff unless you plan to burn it. Check w/Ivey and the other Eastern NC suppliers, they can connect you with some "Quality hardwood". Jeff may have some connections if you want to buy some good logs.


Walnut is a strange wood - sometimes what you think is a bad log turns out to be really nice figured lumber. Then you can take a perfectly good looking log and run into a bunch of stress and saw out a bunch of junk. The best kind of walnut is fresh off the stump or one that has been sitting around in a mud hole for so long the bugs have eaten off all the sapwood. It's the logs that had been off the stump several months that run the risk of junk boards. I really think it has alot to do with the logs drying out and building up internal stress. I would say if anyone really wanted to get into sawing walnut - it would be wise to store the logs that won't be sawn for a while in a pond. Also remember the old timers used to think if they drove nails in the trunk of a nut bearing tree like walnut and pecan the tree would produce more nuts :slap:. So lot's of yard tree walnuts are littered with nails.

Just my two cents worth - take it for what it's worth all of about two cents...
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