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Due to employment or lack there for, I'm thinking about selling my shop. The question is how would it be best to go about it. The larger tools like tablesaw, jointer, etc. seems like a no brainer but the smaller stuff like router bits, saw blades etc seems close to impossible. The best would be just sell the whole thing to someone but I don't know if that would happen. Piecing it out by trying to price every single small item and advertising it also seems next to impossible due to the time frame it would take. Any idea's.....:confused:

Trent Mason

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Trent Mason

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I was there two short years ago and remember thinking about selling some of my equipment. Fortunately, I decided not to and we were able to make ends meet for a while. If you do decide to sell it, maybe do it in the same manner as a yard sale.... Hopefully things will turn around for you soon. :icon_thum



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I too and really sorry to hear about your unemployment. I was out of work for almost a year in 03-04, but at that time I hardly had any tools that I could have sold. Hopefully you can find other means of making ends meet and can keep your shop. What about taking on work in the shop (repairing furniture, making outdoor furniture, etc...) to help make some extra money?


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I'd consider putting things together in related lots, rather than one at a time. A dozen clamps, for example.

Selling quickly and getting the highest profit are usually opposing goals. That said, selling on eBay can ensure things are sold by the auction end date and due to the huge audience you may fetch decent prices. Shipping is a pain, though, and the eBay/PayPal fees cut into the proceeds. And of course, many tools are too heavy to ship cost-effectively.

Doing a "shop-sale" like a yard sale will bring a lot of buyers to your door and move a lot of merchandise all at once.

It may be a lot of work to list all the items individually (on eBay, Craigslist or elsewhere), but will probably bring better results than a big picture of all the stuff saying "make me an offer".


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Depending on your circumstances and whether you plan to get back into Woodworking when things turn around for you, you may want to consider just selling the big ticket power tools. The small stuff is going to be harder to replace if you're in rebuilding mode. Also even without power tools, you can do a lot with hand tools if you have the time and patience. And if unemployed, time may be what you have most of.

Just a thought, but a lot will depend on your future plans and circumstance.

Good luck and hope things turn around quickly for you.

- Ken.


I don't have any good advice to offer... other than to say that it breaks my heart that you are at a point where you are considering selling off your tools.

I wish you the best of luck on your sale (if you go that route) and hope you succeed in finding a good job in the near future.

Take care!


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Sorry to hear the situation and I hope things straighten out for you. On another forum, I often see guys selling things in groups - for example, you might get together all of your 1/2 router bits and post a picture of them as well as list them, and then sell the lot at a given price. There are always people new to the hobby who would love to get decent stuff at a reduced price. I'd say my shop is outfitted with half new and half used tools. And honestly, the half used ones are my better ones. I picked up a Baldor 8" buffer for $100 bucks. If it weren't used, there'd be no way that I could justify one for my shop. I'd still be switching out the wheels on my grinder.


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I've thought of doing that a few times and I understand your logic BUT a wise old man [grandfather] once told me "a man with tools can always make some money. a man without tools not so much" It may require some ingenuity and sacrifice. It's a lot harder when you don't have the tools to succeed.


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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstance. However you decide to do it (i.e., grouping, individual, etc.) I would suggest you first advertise them here. This is a great community and we are all willing to help out a fellow woodworker. I'm not in the market for anything right now, but I could probably find something in your shop that I "need" :D especially if it will help you out. Good luck.


Greg Bender
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I tried to call you last week but I don't have your cell number. I hate to see you have to sell everything ,you know that it will never sell for what it's worth.PM me your phone number when you get a chance.


Bruce Swanson
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I'd just about sell anything I owned, before I'd part with my tools. I hope things work out for you.

Jeremy Scuteri

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Generally speaking, selling everything to one person will get you the lowest price possible while being the most convenient. A yard sale / shop sale would definitely be a good place to start. Listing big ticket items on craigslist would also be a good first step.


Papa Red
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Depending on your circumstances and whether you plan to get back into Woodworking when things turn around for you, you may want to consider just selling the big ticket power tools. The small stuff is going to be harder to replace if you're in rebuilding mode.

I agree 1,000%. Back in 2004 I sold it all and I mean it all. It was all sold locally through newspaper ads. I kick myself almost daily for selling all the little items that really make shop life enjoyable. I can't replace all that I had for what it all sold for. I'm slowly building it back up but it's costing a lot more and the quality today is not what it was then.

I hope things work out for you.


Scott Kuykendall

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I don't know about the area your in but you might want to try to make some simple children's items and try selling them, even on the side of the road,some where else if you don't have a lot of traffic by your house. I built some kids size outdoor furniture out of cheap pine and put them in front of my house and sold them at a decent price. You can find some mis tint paints at the BORG and give them a nice paint job to increase your profit. It might be grasping at straws but it might help till things pick up.


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I'm sorry for this, too. I missed this when you first posted and having just read it, am hoping for the best...whatever that might be.


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Jim - I see from your profile you're in the IT business. If you're comfortable, why not post some of your background, skills, industries, what you're looking for, etc and maybe some of us can help you network. Might help save your shop. Best of luck.
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