Thanks to all participants at the Raleigh Klingspor event

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I want to thank Coleman (and other folks from Klingspor) for letting us be a part of the event this past weekend (9/17). Also a special thank you to the folks who demonstrated their skills (especially the CA finish on the pens). I apologize for not recognizing folks by name, but I am afraid of leaving missing someone. I really enjoyed getting to see old friends and meeting new ones, getting to see the cool pieces submitted to the competition and watching the demo's. LOML said that I was definitely "in my element" - can't imagine what he meant - :rolf:.


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good to see y'all again! i wish more had shown up. there was some cool projects on display. thanks to all who represented


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It was a great time had by all that attended. Several ribbons were won my NCWW members and the pics will be posted on the Klingspor site.


I echo thanks to all who helped out with this event -- special kudos to ScottM, Trent Mason, Cskipper and Leviblue for extra time they put in and their excellent demos all day. We hope our effort helped the event!

Everyone should look for details on the Klingspor Extravaganza coming in five short weeks -- we will have a large booth and would love to see lots of projects on display and demonstrations galore!


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It was great to meet you Cathy. I had a good time and learned a few things. Who won the raffle?


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The Klingspor event was really great. A big thanks to all that organized the event. Seeing all the different talents on display in the judging event was amazing. How some of that work is created is unbelievable.
It was really nice to meet new woodworkers and catch up with the few I did know. I'm looking forward to the next events with the group.
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