Router Bit Set for Shaker Style Cabinet Doors


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As a newbie woodworker, I am still feeling my way around the art, so this forum in very valuable. I made some cabinet doors (frame and panel) for a desk, shaker style, using my table saw and dado blade to make the stiles and rails. I have since discovered that there are router bit sets out there that do the same job and seem to be the best tool for the job. I am using 6mm BB plywood for the panel. What have you all found to be the best router bit set for this type of door? There are fixed sets and adjustable sets in all price ranges. Looking for some sage counsel and your opinions on this, thanks!


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I have been using router but sets from MLCS for a number of years and have been very satisfied. They have a pretty good variety of big sets available depending on the style of door you are thinking about.

Shaker Raised Panel Door Cabinetmaker Sets

Prices pretty competitively and great customer service.



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MLCS makes decent bits. I have a set from Milwaukee (no longer available) that was essentially a rebranded Freud set. Whiteside also makes excellent bits, which I believe is the same as Klingspor's own brand.

In general, you get what you pay for. The more expensive brands will stay sharp longer, have tighter tolerances, and reduce the chance of tearout. Nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time and money on nice looking lumber, only to have a cheap/ dull bit rip out a piece. A set like this one has a classic profile that'll never go out of stile. Fixed sets are generally easier to work with, and given that people expect cabinet doors to be a certain size/ thickness, I'd think twice about complicating things.


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I wouldnt waste my money on shaker door bits. The only thing it will get you is the rail cope cutter and in my opinion, the tongue and groove are not deep enough for good joint strength. Shaker doors can also be a mitered joint with splines as well. The sets are also generally sized for certain panel thickness (and possibly door thickness) so any variation in that can be problematic.

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I am getting ready to also build a kitchen full of shaker doors. I just bought a router set to mill the rails and stiles.
It is an Amana set 440-16 $98.95 I buy my Amana router and shaper bits from Toolstoday.
This set has a panel groove cutter that is 5.68mm
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I prefer Whiteside bits. Here is a link to their Stile & Rail sets. There is even one called "Shaker". The Shakers were very austere in their work and preferred little to no "extras". Most of the sets here would be considered too fancy for them. You might also check w/ Klingspor for these bits. Their in-store brand is good quality.

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