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Michael Mathews

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Wow Charlie! They just keep getting better and better! One day you'll be a pro at this if you keep up this pace...LOL! Just Beautiful!


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Charlie they are all awesome, as always! That said, I don't see how you avoided self-hypnosis when making the first turning o_O! Thank you for sharing!

Bear Republic

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Great work, you continue to out do yourself with new designs. You must have a bunch of little elves helping you. Coming up with designs and cutting all those pieces....


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Beautiful work as always Charlie!. I was wondering though, what glue do you use , and do you see alot of problems later on with different woods expanding at different rates or have you figured out what goes together best?. I love the contrasts and I think it may be good for all to know if you've determined combinations of woods that work well together. Thanks for the stunning work and keep it up.!


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Thanks for all the great comments.

Chris, I use Titebond original for everything.
I haven't had any problems with wood movement from different species. The main key factor is the wood grain must always run in the same direction. No cross grain to end grain.
The rings are assembled in a "brick" pattern during assembly which creates a strong joint.
Another important factor is the finished vessels are turned to about 3/16" wall thickness.
Also, I apply 6-8 coats of oil based wipe on poly inside and outside the vessel.

I am doing a demonstration for the NC Woodturners Club on March 14th, starting at 10:00AM at the Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Hickory. Please come and join us.
Or, please let me know when you would like to visit my shop.



Co-director of Outreach
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Beautiful as always Charlie. Question though....when you get your steak off the grill with the fixings how do you set your plate on those.......Donn has no problem with his on his latest project..........LoL

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