Outreach Volunteers Needed - King Cub Scouts


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OK, as it stands we need the following tools (at least four (4) of each:

Hand Rip Saw - Raymond 1 regular, 1 Japanese style
Hand Crosscut Saw - Raymond 1 regular, 1 Japanese style
Chisels (what size(s)) - Raymond 1 each 1/2", 3/4", 1 inch
Mallets - Raymond 1
Pencil / Marking Pen - Raymond 2 (carpenter pencils)
Ruler/Straight Edge - Raymond 1
Spoke Shave - Raymond 1

How many more do we need?

Mike Davis

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I have 2 rip saws, 2 crosscut, 3 sets of chisels so we're covered there.
I have 2 speed squares, plenty pencils, 3 tape measures, 3 spokeshaves
6 braces, various bits that I need to look through and sharpen.

I think for the little kids we or their parents can do some of the work using battery tools.

Barry W

Co-Director of Outreach
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I can bring a couple of speed squares and three tape measures. If we need more tools let me know and I'll see if I have them. Do we need miter boxes?


Board of Directors, Events Director
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i have 3-4 speed squares, 2-3 tape measures, 1-2 miter boxes and saws I can bring along. I can also bring my mallet and some chisels that won't get hurt.

Mike Davis

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Dirk, we need all the help we can get. 28 cub scouts are depending on us.

Besides these young future woodworkers there are thousands of other Scouts, both boys and girls, that we have the potential to reach. If this is a success we may be able to set in place a train the trainer program to teach Scout leaders more about woodworking and they in turn can introduce their troops to our craft.


Co-director of Outreach
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I was refering to me bringing tools. I no way meant I would not be there. I would also like to invite some of our piedmont members to join us on this one. Great oppotunity to start on an outreach adventure.

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