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In a sealed CS, they insulate the WALLS. It is not a conditioned space and they remove the floor insulation.
I am not impressed with only 2 inches on the walls and that there has to be a gap from the insulation to the rim joist for termite inspection, but it is still the way to go. A sealed CS is like a basement. We don't have that gap in basements. I think this is due to insufficient treatments. It is a big step forward, but I don't think it is still the right way to build a house. My last house was a slab, and it was not the right answer either. ( 1963 era, so no insulation)


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I'll throw my 2 cents in here as well. Have you checked the caulking at the top of the door pediment and crosshead? If not sealed rain that hits the brickwork above this will run in behind it and could find it's way behind the brick (i.e., behind the pilasters). This would allow it to run all the way to sill and below.


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Dang Jim beat me to it, but yes I would check the condition of the door frame. It should be flashed but that often over looked. If it is holding water, it wouldn’t be visible on the outside for a while. However, you said the sill is holding water, so I would start at the top and work my way down.

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