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Hi all, it was recommended to me by a user on another forum to join and post about my situation over here.

I have a sawmill set up in my back yard that is very under utilized and I would love to allow anyone close to me that can move logs (I can help also, if needed) to feel free to contact me and have some logs sawn up. All I ask in return is that we work out an amount to be kept by me, in trade. I don't want to take any money.

I am located in Rock Hill, SC so the greater Charlotte area is who I'm aiming to help.

On top of that, I have loads of red oak up to 18" wide (recently milled) that I would be willing to trade for other species. Walnut, cherry and rainbow poplar also but in much smaller quantities.

P.S. for larger quantities of logs I could be convinced to move the mill to your location instead, it's not difficult just a little time consuming to move.

Bill Clemmons

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Nick, thanks for the generous offer, and welcome to NCWW. I suspect some of the members in your general area will be happy to work something out w/ you.


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Welcome, Nick, to the best website. I don't have any trees that need milling at this time but, I will keep you in mind.


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Welcome Nick

There is a list of sawyers somewhere on this site. I can't find it with taptalk but maybe one of our members can point you to it so you can add yourself to the list.

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