1. N


    Hi all, it was recommended to me by a user on another forum to join and post about my situation over here. I have a sawmill set up in my back yard that is very under utilized and I would love to allow anyone close to me that can move logs (I can help also, if needed) to feel free to contact me...
  2. 6 " Elbows

    6 " Elbows

    6" 3 x diameter 90 degree elbows (6) plus one 1.5 x diameter elbow and one 6 x 10? saddle fitting. These are leftovers from the installation of a used dust collector system I bought removed from another NCWW member\'s shop. Looking to trade, mostly for turning items, but would...
  3. Crrunion

    I Want To Trade Lathe Lessons For Black Walnut Blocks

    I have a few pieces of black walnut log rough cut with a chain saw about 12 or 14 inches long, and I would be willing to trade 2 or 3 of them for a few lathe lessons. I have used a lathe a little bit, but not much and have had no training. I want to learn to turn well enough to make some finials...
  4. W

    cherry panels sale or trade

    Cleaning shop and have some cherry panels to get rid of. These panels were glued up professionally for me. Some are on mdf but most are on chip board substrate. These are of various sizes as they were to build a room full of built in cabinets for an office area. After 10-15 years its time to...
  5. S

    PERFORMAX 16-32 DRUM SANDER TRADE FOR 10-20 (Raleigh)

    not mine: Reposting from earlier CL Ad for 3 reasons: -Still available, ad reposted, earlier ver may have been deleted -Newer Ver has pic of actual tool being traded -Earlier someone had posted an interest in, but unable to do in Mar versus April Good luck...
  6. MarkE

    Anyone want to trade?

    I have a couple of wooden hand planes that I am not using. You can read a little about them here: After reading Andy's comments I decide to see if anyone here might have a use for them and have something they may want to trade. I have...
  7. S

    PERFORMAX 16-32 DRUM SANDER TRADE FOR 10-20 (Raleigh)

    not mine PERFORMAX 16-32 DRUM SANDER TRADE FOR 10-20 (Raleigh) Date: 2011-03-21, 12:24PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have a Performax 16-32 Drum sander on a stand and it is a...
  8. scsmith42

    Any local computer guys want to do a trade?

    I have a Dell desktop PC that needs to have two Linksys wireless camera's provisioned to it. It will need a wireless Linksys card added as well (I have the card and software, and the camera's). The system is up to date on the OS patches (Windows XP). I started to provision the camera's myself...
  9. JeepMr

    Coupon Trade?

    I have 2 HF 20% off coupons I would like to trade for a HD 10% off coupon. See I'm cheap. I won't buy anything unless it's on sale or I have a coupon. I've been waiting for over 2 years for the Rigid OSS to go on sale so I could buy it. Well I'm tired of waiting. If you prefer I also have 2...
  10. Gotcha6

    $100 Trade in for Non DeWalt tools @ Northern

    Flyer in today's paper says Northern Tools is offering a $100 trade in on any non DeWalt cordless tool kit (must have tool, battery, & charger) towards purchase of DeWalt cordless drill kits. Check it out.
  11. zapdafish

    northern tool trade in I think I got an awesome deal on my trade in. 99 bucks for something I spent 19.99 on a few years ago.
  12. CarvedTones

    PE request Charlotte <> Raleigh (tool trade)

    A 10" power Compound Miter Saw going from Raleigh to Charlotte and a hand power one coming back... NO LONGER NEEDED...
  13. S

    WTB or Trade for a Old Delta Motor

    I would like to buy or trade for a old delta dual shaft motor. I doesn't ever need to run as long as it has the dual shaft with the shaft cover still on it. I am looking for a shaft cover for a old delta bandsaw motor, but be willing to buy or trade for a complet motor. circa 1960 or maybe...
  14. jimwill48

    Want to trade Woodworking tools for Hunting Items

    Not sure if this is the right spot or even allowed. If not I'm sure an Admin will let me know :rolf:. Anyway here goes. My brother has moved to Ky and has invited me up when Bird and rabbit season starts for some hunting. Since I have been unemployed and find myself short of funds to pickup a...
  15. Phil S

    Trade sweat for wood

    As many of you know I often get "stuff" to get rid of and I offer it up to fellow NCWWs. Most recently I was able to give away some black granite and that seemed to go smoothly. This time it is a little more than some stuff, it is an entire house with four outbuildings. A very good friend of...
  16. R

    Thinking of a trade?????

    Well I've been thinking :eek: real hard about this.I'm wanting a mini,midi lathe.But I don't have the money to get one:nah:.So here's the deal.I've got this sander that I may be willing to trade for a nice mini or midi.I would like to have a good lathe.The sander has a 1hp. Baldor motor with a...
  17. gfernandez

    Trade bowl blanks for expertise

    Well, Andy stopped by yesterday with some beautiful cherry, and I have cut a few pieces for him with a chainsaw and bandsaw. There is still quite a bit left over and I am unsure how to best cut it for drying. There are some logs and a few crotch pieces. All the bowls I have made so far started...
  18. boxxmaker

    Walnut for trade

    Hi I have a bunch of walnut,more than I can use.Some of it is really green,I took it down about two weeks ago.I have some that was taken down last yr also.I can send blanks from about 12x12 down to whatever size you want.Here's the deal.I am looking for any kind of burls,NO ROTTEN stuff,but...
  19. liftnaleg1

    Wood for trade

    Guys I was wondering if someone might want to trade some wood out. I have tons of cherry burl as you can see from the thread " Traveled far and wide for wood ". I would love to have some (Maple) burls, spalted, or figured in some way. Also open to any other types of wood. Please just send some...
  20. jimwill48

    What a Trade! Reply

    Well Brian (blueart) came over today and we did a trade for my Grizzly GO555 bandsaw as you can see in Brian's post it was for wood - White Oak and Poplar. I will miss the Grizzly, it was tweaked to perfection never had to think about a cut with it, but everything changes and this is what I...

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