1. WildEdgeWoodcraft

    Wide Slab Flattening, Kiln Drying, Heat Sterilizing (Bug Kill), Belt Sanding, Sawmilling, Woodshop Services near Raleigh Durham North Carolina

    We offer a variety of services to NC Woodworkers who want to make wide slab tables, epoxy river tables, kitchen island countertops, and coffee tables. No log is too big for our extra-wide sawmill - we can cut up to 8-feet wide slabs! We have equipment on-site to lift up to 15,000-pound logs...
  2. N


    Hi all, it was recommended to me by a user on another forum to join and post about my situation over here. I have a sawmill set up in my back yard that is very under utilized and I would love to allow anyone close to me that can move logs (I can help also, if needed) to feel free to contact me...
  3. Saw shed

    Saw shed

    Stacking and stickering lumber for air drying.
  4. M

    Saw milling

    I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for some advice . I own a small sawmill in Apex and I'm trying to get started sawing some lumber in hopes of selling some of it at some point . This is not my source of income so please don't mistake this for an advertisement. My assumption is that those...
  5. SOFsawmill

    Sawmill in Durham

    Hi Everyone, I’m a sawyer in Durham County. I enjoy milling lumber on my portable sawmill and I have been learning the art of being a sawyer for a couple years now. I enjoy the challenges each log brings and the satisfaction from making unique and usable lumber. I am a portable sawmill...
  6. milling cant

    milling cant

    Milling maple cant
  7. B

    Heads-up lumber guys!

    Spotted this ad on Craigslist a few minutes ago, and anyone near Holly Springs with a little time and equipment can grab a nice tree at a bargain. Ad says Red Oak, but it doesn't look oaky to me! You be the judge....too far for me to go to get it.
  8. R

    Looking for a Sawyer near Louisburg

    I doing some Urban Logging near Louisburg and am looking for a sawyer near the area who can quater saw logs up to about 36 inches. Any sawmill reccommendations? Thanks, Robert
  9. J

    I need a portable sawmill service near Raleigh

    I have gotten my hands on a gold mine of white and red oak (and a few others possibly) on a buddy's property in Wendell, NC (just east of Raleigh in Wake Co.). The trees are too big for me to be able to transport to the one mill I have been to before. Does anybody know of someone with a...
  10. C

    Sawmill Creek over the banks?

    Anyone else notice that the Sawmill Creek site seems to be under water? I haven't been able to access their site all day. Anyone know where they are located? Charley
  11. golfdad

    Anyone with portable Sawmill

    I have a friend in Burlinton who hadto cut down a large Walnut tree..He was looking to find someone to come slice it into slabs
  12. W

    Wavy cuts on the sawmill

    This is a question for those who actually know what they are doing. I have been using the lt40 woodmizer and several of the last logs have been real wavy. I was curious what the fixes might be. I am cutting pretty big(32" wide) white oak. The blades are old but were resharpened. I didn't...
  13. The WoodButcher

    H&W Parbuckling Rig. Make me Grin.

    Hi All, it's been a spell, I've been busy with the chemo, I find out in may if I'm the winner, I already know. Check out my new parbuckling rig. Rather primitave, but works like a charm.
  14. P

    Onsite sawmill

    Looking to get 4 pecan logs sawn at my farm. Located near Mcgee's Crossroads (I40 exit 319). They are 6 foot long and 30-36 wide.
  15. S

    A 'must see'...Hull Oakes, oldest steam sawmill

    I found this on another forum and took used it as is. This is an awsome!! Hull-Oakes Lumber is the last steam-powered commerical saw mill in the country, and they're one of the few mills capable of cutting large timbers up to 85' long. The mill...
  16. W


    Question for the sawyers. I am getting a sawmill tomorrow, not actually having to pay for it-guy I work with is, and was just looking for some helpful hints that I may run into. I have only seen a mill run a few times and don't know any of the ins and outs. I am going to woodmizer store...
  17. ScottM

    Sawmill in Southern VA

    Not connection
  18. W

    portable sawmill needed

    Who has a mobile portable sawmill that can do some sawing in Mooresville.I obtained several large white oak logs and I cannot cut them up for firewood.One is 35" across .Tonite I was called about a 125 ' tall Red oak tree that is coming down and I can expect delivery this weekend.There is a lot...
  19. H

    Portable Sawmill near Hillsborough, NC

    I am having approximately 1 acre of land cleared and would like to keep some of the wood for myself. Does anyone know of a portable sawmill near Hillsborough, nc? I checked out the sawyer page but it looks like the nearest mill is in Sanford or New Hill. Do these guys tend to travel very far...
  20. The WoodButcher

    Sawdust Collection For My Sawmill

    Hi All, I am wondering about putting a dust collection system on my sawmill. I want to put a cable between the front post of my mill building (You can go to my web site using the link below to see.) to have pullies on to hold the hose up, so that it would gather and extend the length of the...

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