Looking for a new Chuck.


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Anyone have any experience with these


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I don't have experience with the Grizzly, but I also haven't heard of people using it in the turning groups I belong to. Not saying they're bad, just haven't heard anything about them. Usually the recommendations I see are Nova (what I have), OneWay, Vicmarc, or Record Power. One thing to consider is that the Grizzly in the link doesn't have interchangeable inserts, so will only fit a lathe with a 1"x8TPI spindle thread. If you plan on upgrading, you may have to get a new chuck as well if the spindle thread isn't the same. If you get a chuck with an insert, you would just have to buy a new insert and you're good to go.

I have 3 Nova chucks: 1 SuperNova2 and 2 G3's. My first G3 had a small problem with the chuck key binding on one side (other side worked fine). Mentioned it to the Nova rep at Klingspor's Extravaganza, and they sent me a new G3 and let me keep the slightly faulty one. The faulty one is now a dedicated pen drilling chuck, which works great since I don't have to open and close it that much. The SuperNova2 I got in a package deal when I upgraded my Lathe(from a midi Rikon to the Nova Galaxi 1642). I couldn't be happier with it.

My personal recommendation would be a SuperNova2 or the smaller G3 chuck. Both are well made and accessories are widely available. Nova recommends the G3 for midi lathes, but people have used the SuperNova with a midi. Amazon has the SuperNova2 chuck set, similar to the Grizzly set for $239. I think the only difference is that it doesn't come with the small pin jaws, which can be bought separately. You would also have to buy the correct insert to match your spindle thread, around $23. Coincidentally, shipping for the Grizzly set is $23 vs free on Amazon (no Prime required).


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I have 2 SuperNova2's, use them on my Jet midi-lathe and couldn't be happier with them. So, plus +1 for SuperNovas.


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I have used a PSI utility chuck for years. Always worked well for me. Usually can find them for $100 or so.


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I have a Vicmarc 120 and really like it because it has almost 2" difference in diameter between fully closed and fully open. I also have a Nova G3.


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Chris, you can't have enough chucks! :) Having said that I only have 2 chucks - a Oneway Talon chuck with 3 different sets of jaws for it; and one SuperNova2 with the Accessory Jaw Kit (4 different sets of jaws in one package). I love the Supernova2 because there are so many different specialized jaws available for it.

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