How to fix this gutter? Basement flooding


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Our home has some portions of the back and a small section on one side with the “masonite” siding like yours. The rear of the house faces north which holds a lot of moisture. That type siding is difficult to keep calked and water always finds a way inside. Hardy has an identical size beaded hardy plank siding and I would replace at least the sections that are damaged with Hardy. This stuff does not change during weather variation. I used aluminum calked from behind at each joint and it is much improved. All has now been replaced with Hardy except a gable end with a Single story roof line underneath. Just too scared to work off scaffolding to replace that section!


Be careful with the selection of gutter covers - I have a similar drainage problem of upper roof downspout to lower roof that was made worse by covers. The higher water volume shoots off the stailess screen.
When I replace I'll probably go with larger sized guttering and will save the leaf guard costs. Probably save enough to pay to have them cleaned for 30 years or so...
It can. I have a mix of Helmet and the big-hole ones. From one valley, in a downpour it will shoot over either. If you lived on a prairie, maybe clean every 30 years. Both in my last house and here, I would have to clean at least once and maybe twice a year. You can always put up a deflector at valleys, but they will also catch debris. This is why taking care of the grade is so important.


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get pea gravel, line your basement outer wall with it about 2 inches out and an inch high. this will eventually sink into the ground. re apply pea gravel every year. eventually it will sink down and create better drainage around the basement.


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I looked up the Leaf Guard system - that does look better than my perforated cover style.

Any recommendations for a gutter installer that could install new gutters with those guards in Cary?
Have had LeafGuard gutters for at least three decades. Absolutely no stoppages. The only downside for me is the top side gets dirty and it shows on a first story roof. Here is my carport gutter and there are no trees overhead.

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