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Flute Maker

I am looking for a good head light for some close up work.I am not sure what to get.I wont something that will last a while and be good....something that fits well ...Just not sure what to get..Interested in what you guys might be using. I dont mind paying a little extra but be good to find a good one cheaper too...From what I have read if you get the higher lumen ones they eat up batteries...Rechargeable would be good....Just thinking right now//Any help would be appreciated.!


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I have used this one for various things, and find it a good option. A nice feature is that it unclips from the headband and can be mounted by the included magnet to metal near where I am working.

Henry W

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I have one that I don't use too often, but the one Zach points out here looks like it has the features I'd want - 3 light levels, and spot, broad-beam, or both. Looks like a great lamp. Only down side I see is that 200 Lumens isn't the brightest (might be fine, I do not know what my own headlamp is rated at). I would prefer double that, and then be able to have 3 light levels. All depends on your needs.


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Lowes has several Energizer lights with different lumen outputs. I've just replaced one that was 5-6 old and have been happy with it.

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We had an internet service tech at our house a couple months ago and he was wearing one I really liked. I asked him what brand it was. He said "Coast". After trying several different types, he liked this brand the best. I saw them at Home Depot last week and bought this one to try.


Surprisingly, the freebie from HF is a good light. It's very bright and uses AA bateries. Puts out a lot more light than my old Energizer. Quality may not be best for long run, but price can't be beat.

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You can check at Lowes & Home Depot, they have all sorts of lights. They have a couple of headlights. The low weight ones work pretty well for adding light. The heavier ones do better for throwing light but are more like wearing a heavy hat.
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