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I am seriously considering the 8" parrellagram jointer grizzly just got in stock, I was gonna go with the 4 knife cutter and plan to upgrade to the Byrd Shelix cutter head down the road, for now real great reason I just feel that seems like a much better cutter head with minimal cost increase. Anyone with this or comparable jointer, how many people are needed to assemble this beast keep in mind I have no fork lift or machines that could facilitate in assembly. How many people do you think are necessary to SAFETLY assemble this unit? Any help if very much appreciated, thanks Jonny


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Is a thread about unloading and assembling a similar Grizzly jointer. I pretty much did it myself with help from the wife to lower the top from the pickup onto the base.

Get the spiral head - there is debate on whether the Shelix is better than the Grizzly one, but I find the Grizzly spirals to be totally satisfactory to me. Others will probably disagree. I have the Grizzly spiral in both my jointer and planer. My jointer has dovetail ways rather than parallelogram. There is also debate that the parallelogram ways are better. Not sure how it could be better since my jointer works extremely well once adjusted the first time. You can find debate about the parallelogram versus dovetail by searching the forums no doubt.

And there is some discussion of ways in the thread linked above.

Nice looking guitars on your website BTW.
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I agree w/ Ken. I have the Grizzly spiral cutter head in my 15" planer, and have had absolutely no issues w/ it. I have the Byrd head in my 8" Delta jointer, and they both perform equally well.

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I am in agreement wih Ken and would emphasize the advantages of the spiral cutter head. I have the Grizzly 8" parallelogram model and have enjoyed using it very much, after it was correctly adjusted and I developed better technique. Although this is a beast of a machine to handle, I managed (with the help of a lift-jack) to assemble it. If I had not used the jack, Ken's method would have worked. Enjoy your new jointer!
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I have the ShopFox version of that jointer only needed a little help to hold the base steady as I slid the top off the tailgate onto it.
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