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Big Ron
I purchased a grizzly 0478 hybrid table saw today at a price to good to pass up. The saw looks and appears to run like brand new. The person I bought it from said he maybe used it five times (looks like new). Now that I have bragged I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on this saw, and if there is anything I should be looking for. Thanks in advance.


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It's a well reviewed saw, so if you got it at a good price you should definitely gloat! I used to have a Jet ProShop hybrid saw which is similar to the G0478, so you should have plenty of power, a solid cast iron table, and a good fence. The guard/ splitter on the saw is not that great, it's mainly there to claim the saw has safety 'features'. My Jet had similar issues. You may want to see if you can get an aftermarket splitter such ash the SharkGuard or MJ splitter. But that might be tricky because if I recall correctly the throat plate is somewhat nonstandard.

As with any saw, you want to make sure the blade is parallel to the miter slot. That should be fairly straightforward to adjust if it's not. But that's about it., Grizzly makes good saws. It's not as powerful as a conventional cabinet saw, but unless you're routinely ripping 3" hard maple you'll never notice it. And the dust collection is a lot better than on a contractor saw. Enjoy!

(and yes - no pictures, didn't happen :)

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