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The standard Grizzly miter gauge that came with my bandsaw has gone kaput (plastic handle broke). So I am contemplating using my Jet miter gauge for the bandsaw, and getting a better one for my tablesaw.

I am leaning toward the Incra V120 (I like the 1 degree settings)

http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=21444&filter=miter gauge

But I wonder if Incra 1000 is a better choice, with its 18" track fence. I already have a crosscut sled, so the fence may be that big an extra.

Can ya help a fella out here? :eusa_thin :icon_scra :help: :tool:


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If you are already looking at an Incra, have a look at the Incra 1000SE...


I got this one a couple of years ago and it has been great! I really like the telescoping fence 18" - 30". The flip-stop block is really cool as well. I use a Craftsman 22124 TS and found that the Incra adapted extremely well to the miter gauge slot with its six disks along the length of the slot bar to adjust for slop.


Jim M.

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I did the exact thing you're thinking of doing. I moved my Jet miter gauge to my BS and bought a Incra Miter 1000SE for my TS. I found the telescoping fence and flip stops to be a great advantage. Just my two cents, Jim


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I also support the Incra but recommend buying 2. I also recommend the purchase of an Incra crosscut sled and miter gauge combination and have a second for general use on the table saw i.e. cutting tennons etc. Woodcraft places these on sale ever few months. These are well worth the cost.
as someone who bought the V120 .... I wish I would have bought one with the flip fence... it is still a good gauge I just want to get a aluminum fence for it

also you might want to look at the woodhaven one that is in the classifieds here


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+1 for the Incra 1000SE.

Like my Father-In-Law used to say, "for 10 cents more, you go first class."


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Scott Smith
I have an Incra Miter 5000, which is basically a sled mounted version of their Miter 3000. I defnitely like it a lot.

The 1000 looks like a great value for the $ though.


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I have the low-end V27 and it works well. However, after building a nice crosscut sled, I rarely use it.


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I have an Osborne and I also like it a lot. It has a long fence, which is extendable, and a flip stop. The design of the Osborne makes it less likely to change angle than any conventional miter gauge. I do not know that this is a tremendous or even a practical benefit but as an mechanical engineer I can assure you it is the case. The way you set the angle also makes it easier to make small angle adjustments. But I bet the Incra is nice too.



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Thanks guys. I have put the 1000SE on my Christmas list. Of course, my birthday is the week before Christmas, so I double my chances. :mrgreen:


Phil Ashley
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just to be ornery i'll throw out that kreg makes a nice miter gauge i've been impressed with.



i don't own one but i like the positive stops with a metal pin for your common angles.


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Got the Incra 1000SE off Amazon some years back. They often run deals on them too. Like the adjust-ability of the fence and the vernier scale for 1/10 degree accuracy. Another one set up for left vs, right side miter slot would definitely be a plus. Get a ball end Allen wrench to fit it if you buy one. It'll save a lot of time adjusting.


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I have the Osborne EB3 and like it very much.

That said, and looking at the link to the Incra 1000, I would recommend you buy one with the long fence included, as opposed to the basic $84 incra. IMHO, the extruded aluminum fence with the tracks, slots, stops, etc (either Incra 1000 or Osborne) is well worth it for the versatility and accuracy it adds to the basic miter gauge.

I echo KenofCary's statement that the stop on the Osborne is a bit sloppy. Other than that, once initially set up, my guage has been dead on accurate for well over a year's worth of use so far. The preset detents on the Osborne are at every 5 degrees, plus an additional one at 22 1/2 degrees. The angular support rod has been very useful to me in mitering thick long boards, as it gives added support to the fence to keep it from flexing. The slot strip also has width adjustments to get it just right for a smooth slide without slop.

I have never used the Incra so cannot comment pro or con on it.

Hope this helps

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