1. spin_tops


    Some toy spin tops I have been making
  2. Fun stuff

    Fun stuff

    Swords for the little cousins - just to keep the Aunt and Uncle on their toes :)
  3. Children eagerly use the artist pencil and kaleidoscopes

    Children eagerly use the artist pencil and kaleidoscopes

    Pens, sketch pencil, took kit, tops and kaleidoscopes were turned from various woods.
  4. Toys and Pens

    Toys and Pens

    The result of a woodworker trying many different projects with various wood types. The tops and kaleidoscopes were made with wood found on the beach.
  5. davejones

    New Toys! (Pic Heavy)

    I spent last Saturday afternoon at the Liberty Antiques Festival, and was able to pick up some new (to me) toys while I was there. I am not sure if these are worth anything, but I thought they were cool. Maybe the experts here will know more about them than I do..... This Bailey #5 will be a...
  6. Rocking Golden Retriever

    Rocking Golden Retriever

  7. Rocking Basset Hound

    Rocking Basset Hound

  8. Rocking Kangaroo

    Rocking Kangaroo

  9. Rocking Kangaroo

    Rocking Kangaroo

  10. Rocking Frog

    Rocking Frog

  11. Rocking Family Dog

    Rocking Family Dog

  12. Rocking Kangaroo

    Rocking Kangaroo

  13. K

    ISO wood for teething toys

    Trying to make my son some teething toys for christmas, and I need untreated, sustainably grown hard wood like maple. Looking for pieces about 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Anyone have any ideas or any sources? Checked woodcraft and a few other sites, but I didn't find anything useful. Want to do...
  14. crokett

    Some New Toys, er Tools

    Back to front: A #7C, a #3 and a 60 1/2. I think the #7 was built before 1900. These are in addition to the #4, Millers Falls #900 - like a #4, but will use it for general carpentry stuff, and a Millers Falls #9 jack plane that I already have.
  15. WNCWA Toys 2009

    WNCWA Toys 2009

    Animated Crickets by Dewey Sides
  16. WNCWA Toys 2009

    WNCWA Toys 2009

    Fleet of Biplanes by Dewey Sides
  17. WNCWA Sign

    WNCWA Sign

    Back Side of Sign
  18. WNCWA Toys 2009

    WNCWA Toys 2009

    Our new Club Logo on Inlay Sign by Tim Merrill and Dan Campbell
  19. WNCWA Toys 2009

    WNCWA Toys 2009

    Bouncing Buses by Rob Payne, Hippos and Frogs by NeilO'Sullivan and Helicopters by John Crawford
  20. WNCWA Toys 2009

    WNCWA Toys 2009

    Mini trucks by Walt Tolley

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