1. CarvedTones

    Any rules of thumb for eccentric edge clamps?

    I am going to make a set of 4 eccentric edge clamps to fit 3/4" round dog holes. I was thinking of going with a mostly round tear drop shape with the post off center to one side (actually both sides; a pair each way since every now and then the direction matters). Anyway, I wondered if there...
  2. rick7938

    Porter-Cable Router Thumb Screw

    My neighbor has a couple of old P-C routers that use the thumb screw to secure the base to the motor rather than the newer latch mechanism. It appears that over the years the steel bolt has worn out the threads of the aluminum thumb screw, and now the threads are stripped and the screw can not...
  3. Tar Heel

    Thumb vs. tablesaw.....tablesaw wins

    Well, it finally happened. Just one brief lapse in concentration and I spent 6 hours in the ER last night. I got to the ER at 7:30 PM and got home at 1:45 AM. They X-rayed the wound, cleaned it and sutured it.After dinner, I went to the shop to continue working on a chest of drawers. I said "as...
  4. J

    Purple Thumb to Junquecol, via Charlotte

    Last weekend, Dancam and McRabbet and some others from the Asheville area brought the blower from Purple Thumb to Charlotte. Jerry couldn't come as he had surgery recently, though several offered to push him around in wheel chair. I was to contact Dan about noon on the cell phone to make a...
  5. CV-05 Purple Thumb Tablesaw Port

    CV-05 Purple Thumb Tablesaw Port

    Jerry replaced the 4'' dust port on his saw with a simple plate with the 6'' blast gate affixed to it. The 4'' hose serves his jointer through its standard port.
  6. CV-04 Purple Thumb Filter Cleanout

    CV-04 Purple Thumb Filter Cleanout

    Jerry added a simple MDF box for his filter clean out and used a 6'' ClearVue Blast Gate on it.
  7. CV-03 Purple Thumb Underside of Dust Bin Cover

    CV-03 Purple Thumb Underside of Dust Bin Cover

    Here is Jerry's Dust Bin Cover -- He routed a groove that mates with the metal rim of the Bin with a circle jig and then cut the hole for the duct coming in from the cyclone.
  8. CV-02 Purple Thumb Closet and CV Blower

    CV-02 Purple Thumb Closet and CV Blower

    Jerry has mounted the CV on a CMU wall and is building a closet that houses it and his compressor. Wynn Filters at right.
  9. CV-01 Purple Thumb Dust Bin

    CV-01 Purple Thumb Dust Bin

    Jerry Grant uses a fiber drum on rollers for his dust bin. It has a hinged lid held down with bungee cords -- see CV-03 for the underside (just a simple groove for a seal)
  10. B

    Mortise and Tenon Rule of Thumb???

    Is there a general rule of thumb about what dimensions to make a mortise and tenon? I've dug around a bit and I've heard that your tenons should be 1/3 the width of the thickness of the board it's going into. I couldn't really find a good answer on how long or deep they should go. If there is...
  11. WoodWrangler

    How Not to Use a Chisel on Your Thumb

    The title is a joke, but my injury today is not. Note to self (and y'all) ... when using chisels (or any tool for that matter) ... BE CAREFUL and SMART. As you can see from the attached image, I let the chisel slip when finishing up some mortises this evening. After 3hrs in the Emergency room...

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