1. Delta table saw switch

    Delta table saw switch

    Delta 36-382 contractor\'s table saw power switch part # 438010170206S
  2. Rick M

    What switch do I need for my lathe?

    I have an old Goodell Pratt bench lathe to which I'm attaching a 3 speed motor. So I need off/on/on/on (off/low/med/high). Asking around has gotten some differing opinions, one person says I need one kind of switch, someone else says another. The motor is an AC fan motor, 4 wire, 115 V, 1/4 HP...
  3. W

    Paddle Switch for Table Saw

    Need to install a "emergency" paddle off switch to my unisaw. Is there a "best" one to purchase? Or have you all just made your own? Would appreciate pics of any homemade ones for ideas. Thanks to all.
  4. charlessenf

    Switch Part for Craftsman Power Tool - Help

    I have two Craftsman power tools. A Table saw and a scroll saw. I lost the little yellow safety lock for the TS switch (and am swapping out the one from the SS temporarily) and tried to find one at Sears Parts Online. I figured I didn't need a model number as they all seem to use the same type...
  5. MarkE

    The switch on my DC is kaput (DIY remote installed)

    Went to turn on my Oneida DC this morning and got nothing. I opened up the switch box and found several melted wires. Took a quick trip to Lowes and picked up a 30 amp DPST switch and wired it in. Got the DC working again with that temporary fix. I can get a new magnetic switch from Grizzly...
  6. T

    HF DC down, Cap or Centrifugal Switch?

    Hey All, So my HF 2HP 120V dust collector is going through the often experienced "Turn it on, it hums for a few seconds, and then trips the breaker". I always thought that this meant that the capacitor was gone, but searching the internet it appears that the "centrifugal switch" is often...
  7. Rob

    Table saw switch

    Seems my Delta contractor saw won't shut off any longer. I have to pull the plug out to turn the saw off. Not the safest method. I haven't torn into it yet, but I'm guessing the switch burned out. Anyone suggest an after market switch?
  8. N

    Remote Switch for Jet 1642 and a Vase

    One of the guys from another forum posted a pic of his remote switch for his Jet 1642EVS. I unabashedly stole it and I absolutely love it. It's nice to be able, when standing at the end of the lathe, adjust the speed or with my hip, turn the lathe off. I picked up some 5 conductor thermostat...
  9. owen299

    Delta Lathe switch

    The plastic on/off switch on my old Delta 1440 finally broke. I've seen that other users have replaced with what looks like a common light switch. Went down to big box store and got a 20 amp switch and box....problems... if you plug it in with it "on" it works fine....if you try to use switch...
  10. b4man

    Bandsaw switch question

    I just bought a new to me used bandsaw that was never converted to 240v from the shipped 110. First thing when I got it set up was to rewire the motor. I noticed that when I push the STOP button it reduces power but will not stop until I press it again. This has me puzzled. I am not aware of...
  11. kooshball

    Help!! HF DC switch came apart and there is no drawing for hooking it back up!!

    OK, so it didn't actually "come apart" what happened is that I was changing the cord to a longer 12ga cord since the OEM one is too short. I am normally very careful about these things making a drawing before I touch anything just in case. Today however I was only going to take off the two...
  12. R

    Remote Switch for Dust Collector

    Does anyone have any experience with the remote switches sold by Klingspor? They appear to be functionally the same (but with an extra remote switch) as the more expensive ones at Woodcraft, but are they? Any info will be appreciated. Yes. I'm cheap and would rather spend the extra $20 on...
  13. Tarhead

    Remote Controlled Switch Socket 3 Pack $15.99

    http://www.buy.com/prod/remote-controlled-switch-socket-3-pack/q/loc/111/listingid/51140969/211998709.html?adid=17992 10amp max so buyer beware.
  14. eyekode

    Suggest a box for paddle switch?

    I bought a bunch of these to replace some really poor switches on my tools: http://www.grizzly.com/products/110-220V-Paddle-On-Off-Switch/H8243 The smaller electrical boxes are not deep enough to fit the switch. The larger square-ish ones are just barely big enough. The large PVC ones fit but...
  15. Bas

    Shop Fox dust collector remote switch recall

    Just got this in an e-mail: Woodstock International is recalling Shop Fox dust collector remote switches sold last year because of a potential fire hazard. I bought one of these switches last year, but I can't remember exactly when, unfortunately. More info ->...
  16. switch


  17. rick7938

    Vintage Sears Router Toggle Switch

    I have an old, old Sears router that belonged to my Dad. It is Model 315.25580 and was very inexpensive when new. It has a stamped metal base, etc., but it did belong to my Dad. Today, I knocked it off of the bench and broke the on-off toggle switch. Anyone know where I could find an old...
  18. Ncdawgs1882

    I have a Question about Router Speed Control switch

    So My question is Could I use a HF Router Speed Control switch to regulate the Tempature of my Wood Burner tool? I figure if the Speed Controler Regulates the amount of power the Router is getting to determine the speed then it should work fine for a wood burner! But I figure I better ask here...
  19. PeteM

    Ryobi BT3100 Switch Failure - FREE Replacement

    A number of BT3100.1 saws made during late 2004 and first half of 2005 have switches which may stick in the ON position. The contacts are welding closed. The switch can be immediately rejuvenated by changing the leads to the second terminals revealed by removing the switch module from the...
  20. woodArtz

    Delta DJ20... switch problem?

    I purchased a DJ20 a few months ago (suckage already received ;-)) and I'm having an issue with the power switch. When I press the green ON button the machine will not power up every time. Basically when I push it, I have a 50/50 chance it won't start. If I immediately push it again, it starts...

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