1. Lumber and Plywood Purchase

    Lumber and Plywood Purchase

    Lumber I purchased from the Hardwood Store of NC
  2. J

    Raleigh Habitat Reuse Store Deals

    Today, I was in the Raleigh Habitat Reuse store, and saw the following: Work station tops, 32" X 72", 1 1/4" thick melamine coated $20,) and folding tables $15 - $25. Tables are in POOR condition, but leg sets are the heavier ones, and in good condition. Leg sets make a great base for break down...
  3. scsmith42

    I discovered a great local tool store today...

    Payne's Tool and Supply on Highway 55 in Durham (near where NC54 crosses Hwy 55). They are a locally owned business with two locations; one in Raleigh and one in Durham. Their primary market seems to be construction related, and their inventory is all professional grade tools; from what I...
  4. Gotcha6

    The Hardwood Store Tree Ornament Contest

    The Hardwood Store is sponsoring a Tree Ornament contest. Information regarding entry and rules are in the link below. Anyone interested in making a wooden ornament for their tree can submit to to the address on the bulletin. We'd also invite you to post your entry here on the site for...
  5. Closest we have to a group photo

    Closest we have to a group photo

  6. kooshball

    what is the name of the new lumber store up near 540 and capitol?

    i can swear that I saw a posting of a new lumber store in raleigh near triangle town center but i can't find the please... THX
  7. ScottM

    Shout out for The Hardwood Store

    Just before Irene arrived I made a trip to The Hardwood Store. Cheryl had gotten me some great looking 1/8" Oak plywood. Great stuff for scrolling. Better yet at a super price. I got two sheets(4x8) and two sheets of Baltic Birch(5x5). I also loaded up on some maple "shorts". If you have...
  8. A

    Bad 1st experience at wood store

    I want to build some outdoor furniture for my wife. I recently went to a hardwood store to find some cypress or cedar and was stunned at the cost. Granted I am new to wood working and this was my first venture into the world of specialty wood stores. I, until now, have bought all my wood at...
  9. kooshball

    Ed's Tool Store

    I just got an email from Ed about the short blog entry that Chris Schwartz made regarding the tool shop above the Woodwright's School in Pittsboro. I post this not as an ad but as a heads-up to those in the Raleigh area about what a great hand-tool shop that we have access to...
  10. J

    Some nice walnut at Hardwood Store

    Just an FYI if you in the market for some walnut. I was at the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville on Saturday and they have some pretty nice 4/4 and 5/4 walnut right now. Nice color, not much sapwood and fairly good widths. Better selection than you often see these days, IMO. It is mostly s2s at...
  11. KenOfCary

    Recent Purchase at Woodwright's Store

    A couple of weeks ago I visited Ed at the store above the Woodwrights School in Pittsboro. I was looking for a depth stop for a bit brace and a dovetail saw. Got a good deal on both and also picked up a few interesting chisels while I was there. View image in gallery I really...
  12. TracyP

    Customer Appreciation Day At The Hardwood Store Of North Carolina

    Cheryl Lewis has requested that we let all of you know the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville is having a customer appreciation day and tool swap on May 14 from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM. I will attach the flyer to this post. This is the same day as the picnic so most of you could make both events...
  13. Glennbear

    New Tractor Supply Store

    Up here in rural VA shopping choices are rather limited so I rejoice when a new vendor comes to town. :eusa_danc Tractor Supply has opened a new store on Rt. 58 in South Hill /LaCrosse and today, Saturday, and Sunday they are offering 10% off your total first purchase plus they are having a...
  14. G

    First trip to NC Hardwood store

    I must say I was very impressed not only with the amount and types of lumber but with the staff as well. They gave me a pricing guide and just let me wander around without bugging me. I just wish I had a truck and money...lots and lots of money. :wsmile:
  15. TracyP

    NCWW Has A New Paying Advertiser, The Hardwood Store

    Please welcome The Hardwood Store of North Carolina to our generous list of advertisers. Please consider buying from one of our sponsors when you are looking to make a purchase and support those who support Us. Thank you to all of our supporters.
  16. ScottM

    Scrollers - BB plywood deal at Hardwood Store

    Scrollers take note. I found this a couple weeks back but was keeping it a close secret . I did share with a few others. But now that the Hardwood Store is a site sponsor I figured I would highlight it for the rest. Check this deal out. 25 square feet of Baltic Birch Plywood 1/8" - $32...
  17. Hardwood_Store


  18. wooduser

    The Hardwood Store

    I visited The Hardwood Store in G'ville. Cheryl was there to check me out. I mentioned I was a NCWW and I got a discount even though the quantity of lumber I bought was small. Nice lady. She claimed her handle was Cheryl Hardhead. That didn't seem to fit. Check her out. :gar-La;
  19. dlrion

    The Hardwood Store

    I took a run up to the Hardwood Store yesterday. Earl said they treated him like a king the last time he went on a wood run, and so I had to see if this was true. I bought a couple hundred dollars worth of wood, they were VERY helpful! Great prices, and when I pulled out my NCWoodworkers...
  20. erasmussen

    The Hardwood Store

    I made a run to the Hard Wood Store today, I had never been there before. What a surprise, EVERYONE there was just super, They treated me like a king. The prices was right, and the wood that I looked at was good (of course I didnt get to look at all of it). They sure did right by me, I know...

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