1. woodnick

    Japanning a old Stanley plane

    What is the best Modern substitute for "Japanning" a Stanley plane?
  2. TV

    Stanley 71 Router Type 4

    I am looking for a picture of a Stanley 71 Router Type 4. Does anyone have a pic or a link to one with all of it parts/pieces? Thanks. tv
  3. froglips

    Gloat: Stanley 71 router plane....

    I think I did ok on this one. Got it for $10 off ebay. For a change, almost no rust and cutter is in good shape. Normally I only by tools that need weeks of work to make them mildly unusable..... Its missing the depth adjuster, but I can jerry rig that if need be. No potato water...
  4. S

    Stanley BP Upgrade- Lie Nielsen Lookout!

    With all the hubbub with handplanes (see story link: ) I decided to throw my hand into the plane..err ring. So this is my first foray into the handplane market: View image...
  5. Outa Square

    Stanley 45 Combination Plane - Assistance

    I just purchased a Stanley 45 off ebay. My intent was to use this as parts or at least i would have some cutters. But in looking at the pictures as i have not received it yet, it appears to be complete. I would like to clean it up and use it. There appears to be some rust; well lots of rust...
  6. nelsone

    Stanley 45

    Finally managed to get a functional combination plane. I have been looking for a set of cutters for a Stanley 50 I have, but this came along and I decided to go ahead and get it. It has all but a couple cutters. The rust is fairly minimal. It also didn't have the long arms, but I can live...
  7. dpsnyder

    stanley planes - value?

    I have an opportunity to buy a plane but it is part of a group the guy wants to sell all together. Just curious what anyone thought of the price... or what questions I should ask. :dontknow: Stanley 45 with 1 box of tool bits Stanley 55 with 4 boxes of tool bits looks like it is in the...
  8. Tarhead

    Blade for Stanley #12 1/2

    The original blades for the 12 1/2 are hard to find and most people cut down an old saw blade to fit. My metalworking skills and tools are lacking so I found an easy alternative...
  9. F

    CL: Stanley 45 plane At $70, is this a good price for this sort of thing? I'm new to the "used plane market".
  10. SSuther

    Stanley 45 Gloat

    Thought I'd post a photo or two of my new old Stanley 45 that I got at last weekend's meeting of the MWTCA at Bethania. It's in nice condition with a basic set of cutters and the original box and instructions. I already ran a test bead with one of the cutters, and it worked quite well. Been...
  11. Mark Gottesman

    Stanley Bailey Clamps at Big Lots: Bessey K Clone

    Got these (24" and 60") at Clemmon's Big Lots today for $15.00 apiece. They also have a variety of other Stanley/Bailey clamps and a neat little multiangle vise ($15.00). The Bar clamps were in 18", 24" and 60" sizes. You can read about them over at Amazon
  12. rick7938

    Stanley Bedrock Plane Repair

    I have found an old Stanley #4 Bedrock pland in need of much TLC, but the only thing wrong with it is the lever that controls the angle of the blade is broken. Is it possible to replace this? Where or who can repair it if I can find a replacement? Thanks.
  13. redhawknc1

    Introducing The Stanley Family.....

    Well, kinda got into hand tools a while back.....Especially like planes! I think these are my keepers...all tuned and scary sharp! Pleased for now! A 3.4.4 1/2,5,5 1/4,5 1/2, 6 and a 7. Yep, no 1,2 or 8! So what to do with these? And a family picture! Now if I can get the other side of the...
  14. J

    Stanley #2 takes a ride

    I have been working on this project for the last couple of years. Started when I found a frog, blade, and lever cap in a box of junk. Then I found a good sole. Today I found a tote, rod, and front knob. I can add a little horn to the tote and this little dude will be ready for showtime. In case...
  15. redhawknc1

    Turning knobs for Stanley Hand Planes...

    Make a quick trip to The Woodworking store to pick up a PSI Pen Mandrel and 7mm Drill Bit Set,along with a Drill Press Chuck with a #2 Morse Taper. And a nice block of Rosewood turning stock. Well have almost $50 so far in a future Stanley front knob for a handplane! Just got finished installing...
  16. J

    How to store your Stanley #45 plane

    Many people pick up a Stanley #45 plane and wonder how to store all of the pieces. During its manufacture, the #45 was shipped in various containers, from wood, to metal, and finally (I think) paper. None of these shipping containers do the plane justice. Most require that the plane be stripped...
  17. J

    Stanley #66 beader fences

    Made a few of these today.
  18. J

    Stanley #289 works the NC walnut

    If you have never seen a skew rabbet plane in action, you have missed a treat. Here is a picture of my #289 in action on a dado. More of that NC walnut that I am using for a corner cupboard. This task was to make an open dado for the back piece. I started with a saw kerf, opened it up with a...

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