1. M

    NC Lumber/Services/Sawyers Lists in Google Maps Versions

    If there are new additions or missing/closed permanently sources listed, please let me know and I will get them added or removed. I would say that some of these folks do this work as a side job, so it's always best to call ahead and make an appointment rather than showing up at their home...
  2. J

    Recommendations for Milling near RTP/Durham

    Hello, My neighbor and I have 3 great looking urban red maple logs between 13" and 25" in diameter. They have some spalting so we would like to have them milled and kiln dried. Can anyone recommend or offer services for milling these logs and kiln drying them near the Research Triangle...
  3. SOFsawmill

    Sawmill in Durham

    Hi Everyone, I’m a sawyer in Durham County. I enjoy milling lumber on my portable sawmill and I have been learning the art of being a sawyer for a couple years now. I enjoy the challenges each log brings and the satisfaction from making unique and usable lumber. I am a portable sawmill...
  4. R

    Looking for a Sawyer near Louisburg

    I doing some Urban Logging near Louisburg and am looking for a sawyer near the area who can quater saw logs up to about 36 inches. Any sawmill reccommendations? Thanks, Robert
  5. charlessenf

    Need Mobile Sawyer in Lenoir, NC 28645

    I wrote about the nice black walnut logs I had and have since added two Chestnut trees ad one Locust to my stack of logs ready to be slabbed / cut into lumber. Owenby and Moretz came by and indicated they would be back, one fellow want $650 to come and take the logs to a sawyer and return the...
  6. kernnal

    Sawyer in eastern NC

    With Irene having come and gone. We now have to deal with the aftermath. Part of that is the enormous amount of old growth trees that are downed. I have many friends and family that have healthy oaks and poplars uprooted and would hate to all this go to firewood. Does anyone know a sawyer...
  7. L

    Reliable sawyer in SE NC?

    looking for a decent source some where close to whiteville. maybe Lumberton, wilmington, leland anyone know anyone that is reasonable and good around here?:dontknow:
  8. R

    sawyer or resawing

    I have 2 short logs of ~48" dark cherry about 20" diameter. They're too short for typical sawmills but I'd like to find someone that can saw or resaw them for me. Then to be used for sentimental projects - off the family farm. Thanks for any help.
  9. C

    Sawyer Help

    I have a 40 inch diameter butt log from a red elm in my back yard. We tried our best to fell it on top of tree limb pieces to keep it off the ground. It succombed to Ditch elm disease and seems to be fairly dry compared to normal fresh felled logs. I would like to price getting it cut in...
  10. D

    Adding business to sawyer's page

    How do I add my business to the sawyer's page?
  11. H

    Sawyer in VA?

    Hello group, I am looking for a portable sawmill operator in Richmond, VA area. Does anyone here know of someone...or a good directory for my neck of he woods? We are taking down a healthy red oak (recommendation from ISA Arborist) because it leans toward our home. It has a 5' diameter...
  12. flatheadfisher

    Surry County Sawyer

    My dad has a large white oak on his property that he is going to have cut down. I haven't measured the circumference but I couldn't reach all the way around it and I am 6'1". It is a "yard tree" but I am 90% sure it has no metal in it - he always told my brother and me not to put nails in...
  13. jimithy

    Better Lumber By Drying at Home Inexpensively - Kiln BOM

    NOTE: I use the word "kiln" here to indicate a structure/device that can control the environment enough to get good results when drying wood. It can be heated or not (I will give 3 inexpensive ways I have heated it). It can function during various seasons. It is not comparable to professional...
  14. zapdafish

    possibly a sawyer or wood supplier to add to our list?

    havent used this place myself, just saw it while browsing
  15. NZAPP1

    Equal Time for Kyle (local sawyer Praise)

    About a week ago I posted about the great trade I lucked into with TexasTimbers, I would like to send praise to a local sawyer who some time ago I when asked for a 14 x 14 x 8/10 turning blank. Kyle Edwards responded. I picked up 4 LARGE blanks that set in my trunk until yesterday :swoon: when...
  16. Mike Davis

    Sawyer needed

    I have a friend in Randolph County, the New Hope Community. It's actually got a Denton address. They are building a home and the power company is cutting a lot of big pine trees. Would anyone here be able to cut those trees into lumber for them?
  17. C

    Sawyer needed in Raleigh or Sanford area

    My inlaws have a ~22 in Oak tree that had to be cut:cool:, and they have reserved an 8-10 foot section of the base for me:gar-Bi. Now, I need to turn this into usable lumber. I am quite willing to provide labor for the prcess but I lack all of the necessary tools. Any help or pointers...
  18. M

    [Problem-Other] Problem adding sawyer to list

    Followed the directions provided by the administrator attempting to add a sawyer to the list in Eastern NC. Clicked on the "Edit this page" and it just takes me back to the original screen. Is it a problem w/my system or is there another way to add another source?? Thanks in advance. Mike.
  19. Canuck

    Canadian Sawyer

    My sister sent me this one and I immediately thought that I needed to share it with our great N.C. sawyers! I think that this fella really takes haulin' wood to a new level!!!:rotflm: Enjoy and stay safe! Wayne
  20. C

    Need Sawyer in Concord Area

    I have several cedar logs that I need to have flat sawn 4/4. Logs are about 7" to 12" diameter and between 3.5' and 5' long. If anybody can assist, please let me know.

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