1. Shayne

    Rikon Mini Lathe

    I see that the Rikon Mini Lathe is on sale now through October at Woodcraft for $199. Their website claims free shipping through tomorrow and there is no tax when ordering online as well. I'm not really in the market for a lathe yet but this seems like a great deal. Anyone know how often this...
  2. Nativespec

    Does Anyone Have the Rikon 10-325 Band Saw?

    Does anyone own this saw, and if so, how do you like it? It sells for $700 at Klingspoor and looks pretty good compared to other 14" and even the larger saws. I wanted a new band saw for resawing and was going to use my 3/4 hp Delta 14" for curved cuts. Thanks, David
  3. newtonc

    Rikon bandsaw

    Does anyone have any good/bad thoughts to share about Rikon? I've been looking at the 14' bandsaw.I did the search and saw a few people had purchased one in the last 6 months and had good things to say. I already have a 14" more than 10 years now that's been okay,but the resaw isn't much more...
  4. Ken Massingale

    Rikon 10-325 First Report

    I've had the Rikon 10-325 14" bandsaw for almost 2 weeks and would like to post my first impressions and report how the saw does or does not live up to the manufacturer's specs. This won't be a complete review, I may do that after more time with the saw. I suppose the first question would be...
  5. michaelgarner

    Rikon 10-345

    Sooo they say they have re-designed the flaw on the blade tension, whats the opinions?
  6. gator

    Q For Those Who Own or Sell Rikon

    How do you pronounce the name? Rye-con Rick-On Rickon What? Just curious. George
  7. T

    Rikon 10-345 design flaw question

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but I have been reviewing all of this Rikon design flaw info. I had my checkbook in my hand yesterday getting ready to purchase one from Woodcraft due to the 10% off sale presently going on. All of this made me hesitate - not saying I bought all of it yet -...
  8. PeteM

    New Rikon Jointer

    Well, after much consternation, procrastination, hesitation and mast...(oops wrong forum:slap:) the Rikon finally made to my garage. Not it's final resting (working) place but it is set up and making chips fly:eusa_danc Still have some issues tho... The manual is terrible but my major problem is...
  9. dozer

    RIKON Mini Lathe

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows much about this lathe? http://www.woodcraft.com/family.aspx?FamilyID=5508 I am wanting to get into wood turning bowls, pens, boxes, maybe even a vase or 2 I was wanting to know if this would be a good lathe as I really don't want to buy a lathe to learn...
  10. C

    Rikon 10-345 Bandsaw...Setting the Record Straight

    I have attached a few pics showing the upper wheel tensioning assembly for the new Rikon 10-345 18 inch bandsaw. I had noticed that it is very difficult to tension/track the upper wheel with any repeatability at all. Rikon tech support has been very helpful, but, I believe they unlocked the...
  11. DavidF

    Rikon Planer/Jointer

    I just looked at the Rikon web site., That planer/jointer is the same one I have but under the Schepach name. As I said on the flashchat, I have had that 20 years and it was used then! so this Rikon stuff must be pretty good. David

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