1. M

    Lauan Corner Repair

    So I’ve got a couple sheets of 4’x8’ 1/4 lauan but some of the corners are busted up. I’d love to not have to buy new sheets because I’m on a fairly tight budget. Any tips for repairing the corners without a new sheet. I need them to be completely flush but they will be painted.
  2. charlessenf

    DeWalt 735 Planer Stopped working (3-blade; Two Speed)

    I need to know why and, failing that where to take the HEAVY planer for a Factory Authorized or better repair. I ran about two boards through it last time out and switched it off. Went to run another board through three days later and it would not start. I tested the outlet for power as well...
  3. W

    Block Plane Repair

    I am in the middle of making the bench plane I just bought from an antique mall functional. I paid all of $20 for it and have done a majority of the repairing just today. I have watched a fair share of plane repair/ refinish/ sharpening videos to get by with the work myself - at least I hope...
  4. S

    Bandsaw makes loud screehing sound when cutting

    I have a Jet 14 inch bandsaw ha thas performed well fro several years with moderate use. I use it much more during the last two years. All of a sudden it has started making a loud screeching sound ONLY when cutting wood. When I first put the wod to the blade it sonds noramll but for only a...
  5. Tables


    Although the old repair might have been functional. I did not feel it was up to a woodworkers standard. Maybe I'm too fussy.
  6. Tables


    Loose, split and weak joints all needed attention. I am working on this piece now and will post the progress.
  7. Tables


    Walnut table purchased from a Habitat restore.
  8. Tables


    Clients table top after refinishing.
  9. Tables


    Deep scratches were water swelled and then sanded smooth. Deep dents were filled with stain-able wood filler.
  10. ScottM

    Clock repair

    I have a old mantle clock that needs repair. Anyone know a good clock repair place? I am hoping to find someone in the Triangle or southern VA but will consider using someone outside.
  11. buildintechie

    Tool Repair Shop

    All- Do you have any recommendations for a tool repair shop? I've got a corded DeWalt hammer drill that started smoking today when I tried to use it for mixing a bucket of thinset...its only 2 years old and has been lightly used. I've also got my trusted DeWalt 18V XRP I got in 2001 for my...
  12. Nelson

    Suggestions needed for furniture repair

    My daughter still thinks "Dad can fix anything" even though she is in her 30's now. I'm trying to keep my image up and not let her in on the real truth just yet, so I need some helpful ideas and opinions. She sent me this picture of damage to a dresser that she would like for me to "fix" next...
  13. Mike Davis

    Antique rolling pin repair.

    The end pin was broke at the joint had to drill out the hole, turn a new pin, drill it to accept the original pin, turn down the old pin to fit inside the new one, and glue everything back together. Good as... well... old. :rotflm:
  14. Chair after repair

    Chair after repair

    Chair after repair
  15. Chair after repair

    Chair after repair

    Chair after repair
  16. Chair before repair

    Chair before repair

    Chair before repair
  17. Chair before repair

    Chair before repair

    Chair before repair
  18. Ottlite_013


  19. Ottlite_027


  20. Ottlite_026


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