1. TENdriver

    DIY Dust Deputy - finally!

    I purchased a Deluxe Dust Deputy (actually, I think it was through an Oneida ad on NCWW) a couple years ago and I really liked it. So I decided to get a second one to use in a separate area, but I thought I would try using the DIY Dust Deputy that is less expensive and only includes the...
  2. N

    Need a hand plane knob

    I am fixing up an old Craftsman hand plane (3cbb) I bought some time ago. It's currently missing the front knob. I would be happy buying one if anyone can easily make one - OR - since I'm still learning (and don't own a lathe), I'd love to come watch and learn some lathe stuff. I live in Apex...
  3. charlessenf

    Delta Jointer Lock Lever Part #: 1347010

    Lock Lever for Delta 37-190 6" Deluxe Jointer Apparently, when I brought this home I laid it down on the 'Wrong Side' and bent the Lock Lever bolt. I have searched and found the part listed on several sites as "Not Available" or "Out of Stock" so I am looking for a vendor that has it in...
  4. nicemac

    Freud FT2000e Parts (NON) Availability-Brushes needed!

    I have a Freud FT2000e router in my table. This weekend, one of the brushes took a dive. It came apart and there is nothing left of it. No problem, I called Freud this morning to geta new set not eh way. No dice. "Haven't had anything for that router for 4 or 5 years…" The rep told me that...
  5. BS Small Parts X-Cut Sled

    BS Small Parts X-Cut Sled

    Great for pen blnks and other small pieces
  6. BS Small Parts X-Cut Sled

    BS Small Parts X-Cut Sled

    Great for pen blnks and other small pieces
  7. BS Small Parts X-Cut Sled

    BS Small Parts X-Cut Sled

    Great for pen blnks and other small pieces
  8. M

    Stanly Replacement parts

    Stanly users replacement parts My #48 does not have any irons. I found this site that has reproduction irons. St. James Bay Home
  9. Phil S

    Free or almost electrical parts

    I have been saving surplus electrical supplies to use in my new shop. As I move closer to completion of my new shop, I need to get rid of some of the stuff I will not need. For those looking to add a panel in your shop I might have what you need I have: 2 Square D 100 amp main lug sub...
  10. J

    Pleasantly Surprised by DeWalt Parts Prices

    I have a DeWalt 4 1/2" angle grinder that I need a couple of parts for. Checking DeWalt's site, I find they are cheaper for the needed bearing than another local source. Cord set is also very reasonable. Less than $20 for both parts.
  11. merrill77

    woodcarving machine parts from ebony

    There was a story on Marketplace yesterday about carvers in Mozambique making hard-to-find replacement parts for everything from automobiles to stoves out of ebony. There is a picture slideshow and a podcast of the story. On one hand, very cool, but on the other hand - car parts? Stove knobs...
  12. Children's Chair parts - free to a good home (complete)

    Children's Chair parts - free to a good home (complete)

    This is a chair that was falling apart before I disassembled it. I was planning to use it as a pattern to make more. Free to a good home.
  13. P

    BeMaCo Fast Saw Set for Parts

    I have been using a BeMaCo Fast Saw Set for several years. Recently I had several bushings, lever arms, and push mechanisms wear out. It is fairly expensive to have machinist make new parts. Does anyone know where I could purchase and a BeMaCo Fast Saw Set? If it is in good condition I could use...
  14. Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen
  15. Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen
  16. Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen

    Watch Parts Pen
  17. froglips

    Milling small box parts from random scrap......

    Whilst working with HOW on making boxes, I think I invented/remembered a neat idea to use up small parts. Short story, Max donated a tone of oak shorts (some as short as 4" long). Great parts for making little boxes....... But, to use box joints and/or router dovetails, we needed some...
  18. L

    Ridgid tablesaw replacement parts

    I have Ridgid tablesaw model No. TS24122 that has now decided that it may need to be replaced. Why you might ask? Well, the pulley that drives the motor has a wobble and now can't hold the belt. I called the dealer only to be told to go on line and order the part. It is no longer available, they...
  19. Joe Scharle

    Parts for Ridgid Tools

    Has anyone ever figured out how to order Ridgid parts? Even their own PNs don't work on their own website! Only interested in how for woodworking tools.....Thanks, Joe
  20. K

    Seek: shop to fab wagon parts

    I'm looking for a shop or individual that can help fabricate parts for an antique wagon restoration.. Any leads would be most welcome. Mark in Kernersville NC

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