1. AHOH - 03 Randy with a Visitor

    AHOH - 03 Randy with a Visitor

    Randy Osborne details shaping curves rails using templates for layout and concave and convex planes, as Phil Edgerton looks on. Randy used curved rails in the Walnut Arts & Crafts nightstand he designed and built and brought for display.
  2. AHOH - 02 WNCWA Display Area

    AHOH - 02 WNCWA Display Area

    WNCWA members chat before the crowds arrive (L. to R.) Bob Shuford (bumout bob), Randy Osborne (ozzie-x), Phil Edgerton, Bob Catterfeld, John Fenwick and Jim Davis.
  3. AHOH - 04 Chip Carving on Keepsake Box

    AHOH - 04 Chip Carving on Keepsake Box

    This beautiful chip-carved keepsake box featured a picture of maker Phil Edgerton's Mom.
  4. AHOH - 01 Setting Up our Table

    AHOH - 01 Setting Up our Table

    Dan Campbell (dancam) and Randy Osborne (ozzie-x) setting up our display at the Asheville Hardware Open House
  5. eddie joe

    [Problem-DQ] the dq page won't open

    hey guys: with all the dq talk i just tried to sign up but the dq page wont open, all i get is a blank screen. Hope it dosent cause any further problems. :BangHead: Edd
  6. Bas

    The pool is open!

    With all the March Madness going on, perhaps we can have a little friendly pool to see when DaveO will reach the magical 10K posts mark! :XXcompute:XXcompute:XXcompute No rules, no brackets, no upset bonus, no entry fee, just reply with the day and time. The winner gets the honor of organizing...
  7. prolfe

    A week of savings; Demos needed for Open House

    March 1 is the kickoff of Klingspor's SEVEN DAY Customer Appreciation Days Sale at all four locations. In Raleigh, there will be vendors on site and at least five local clubs represented, including ncww, doing demonstrations and promoting their respective organizations for the woodworking...
  8. SteveColes

    3/1/08 - Sat - Raleigh Klingspor Open House - Can we do any Demos?

    Paul sent this as an email. I think he is afraid of posting himself.:rotflm::slap: If you are interested in doing a Demo Representing NCWW, please send me a PM
  9. jerrye

    open offer

    In talking with Nick on Monday it occurred to me that since I am all over NC, SC, VA, WV, and soon MD, DE, NJ, and southern PA with work I can serve as a default NCWW Express carrier (as long as the item fits into a Corolla). This is the only way I can find to contribute and be of any real...
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Woodcraft is Open!! I was the 1st customer!!!

    I went by on my way to work and got there just before they opened. I bought some Teak oil and a couple of odds and ends and got to be their first customer!! :eusa_danc The place looks great! They haven't finish the "demo" room where classes will be taught. I recognixed a lot of the old faces...
  11. Monty

    Voting is open for the 2008 Calendar contest

    Voting for the 2008 Calendar contest is now open! Before you vote, please take a moment to read through this entire post so your vote will count as much as possible. First of all, please remember this is both a woodworking AND a photography contest. A beautiful piece of work should not be...
  12. Bas

    Glue temperature affect open time?

    I am finally getting ready to glue up a little magazine rack. Only took four dry fits. All I need to do is give it a final sanding and it's ready to go. The whole thing is joined via dowels. A grand total of 46. I need to put glue in the holes, glue on the dowels, glue on the sides, fiddle it...
  13. Cherry Box Open

    Cherry Box Open

  14. SteveColes

    Contest Voting is Open

    Voting/rating for the contest is now open:eusa_danc Please read this message and/or more posts in this for clarifications. The contest and rating systems in the PhotoPost software is very crude, so I had to make some hurried changes. It is still crude, but it is the best that I can do for this...
  15. SteveColes

    Open Staff Positions

    It is now time to announce how the rest of the staff will be defined. All of the following positions have at least one opening. General Expectations for staff positions Each staff member will be expected to visit the site at least 3 to 4 times a week and perform the duties of their roles as...
  16. DavidF

    New Lowes now open

    If anybody is interested the new Lowes at the junction of 64 and 15/501 at Pittsboro opened this morning -just think, my own Lowes!! well there's not many other people around here!!!
  17. woodguy1975

    One Spot open for Maloof Rocker Class starting (Jun 3-4)

    Due to one of the students rescheduling I have one spot open in this class and actually have 2 spots open in the class starting on June 17-18. Anyone intrested in making a rocker. The classes run all day Saturday and Sunday for 3 weekends. I'd like to fill these spots. It works well if you have...

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