1. open segment turning

    open segment turning

    16" tall open segment turning hard maple and bloodwood
  2. merrill77

    open spots for David Marks classes

    I just spoke with WoodZone and they had 3 last-minute cancellations due to an unfortunate incident so they have spots open for all the sessions on the weekend as well as at least one spot open on the Monday hands-on class. She mentioned that he may not be traveling much in the future, so this...
  3. bottom of turning

    bottom of turning

  4. large vase

    large vase

  5. almost there

    almost there

  6. wip turned down neck

    wip turned down neck

  7. wip turning

    wip turning

    wip turning
  8. wip turning

    wip turning

    wip turning
  9. erasmussen

    Open vase

    I didnt come out as good as I had hoped :no: But even so the picture just dont do it justice :gar-Cr
  10. M

    open up and see...

    Me gloat a little. Here are some grabs I've made since Christmas bonus + presents came my way: 20 bdft 4/4 African Mahogany -- as of yet untouched #5 Footprint jack plane -- at about 65 bucks, I'm pleasantly surprised, just gave the blade a good sharpening and its cutting really well...
  11. ScottM

    I don't think this belong on the open forum

    I do not beleive we should leave this thread open on the open forum. I believe the topic should be reviewed and approved by the general board first. I will soft delete the thread until we can discuss.
  12. woodnick

    Open segmented bowls

    To Anyone doing: Open Segmented Bowl Turning Will I ever need a indexing wheel bigger then 20" in dia.?
  13. Open Newel Staircase

    Open Newel Staircase

    pich pine timber through out, all timber claimed, it started as a 20" mill beam, I converted it into the sizes needed, with a 6'-00" cross-cut saw.
  14. erasmussen

    Open Segment turning

    I had to try open segment turning. Not to bad after I got a index wheel and gluing jig made. Next time I need yo make the open spaces larger, But I think its good for a first try :tinysmile_tongue_t: I also need to make a few improvements in my jig and index wheel. But over all I am...
  15. DonEve

    Open question to pen turners...

    Guys/Gals, Which style (pen kit) would you say is the most popular seller on a consistant basis? I don't necassarily mean which manufacturer do you use, but what actual type seems to be an ongoing favorite of your customers? Also, do any of you have experiences with the click type Wall...
  16. SteveColes

    2009 Calendar Contest is now open for entries

    This is the official announcement and start of our 3rd Annual Calender Contest:eusa_danc The Contest starts now, start submitting your pictures. This year we will do things different that we have in the past. We want to achieve some additional goals with this year's calendar. Get More sales...
  17. quid_non

    Harbor Freight Store open in Durham!

    Hi All! Looks like the HF store is now open in Durham. Located by I85 where the old KMART was. Got this 10% off coupon by e-mail. Made a copy to pass on to anyone who wants it. Enjoy!! Best Wayne
  18. Tar Heel

    HF Store now open in Durham

    For those that sometimes go to the HF store in Raleigh, there is now another option that is closer for some of us. I just got an email that said the Durham store on Avonndale Ave. is now open and there was a 10% coupon attached. Yesterday afternoon I bought two tires from HF in Raleigh for the...
  19. M

    WNCWA Support Asheville Hardware Open House

    The Western NC Woodworkers Association were invited to participate in an Open House at the new Asheville Hardware store on Saturday, April 5th. Several other area groups had their members displaying at the Open House, including the world class Carolina Mountain Woodturners, the Southern...
  20. AHOH - 05 An Enthralled Visitor

    AHOH - 05 An Enthralled Visitor

    We had many youngsters come through the club area -- Bob Catterfeld shows this little girl Phil's Tongue Drum as her expectant Mom looks on.

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