1. willarda

    Making a Traditional Molding Plane

    Edwards Mountain Woodworks Making a Traditional Molding Plane August 18 and 19, 9am to 5 pm each day Cost: $160 This is a two day workshop on making a simple ogee molding plane using both contemporary and traditional woodworking techniques. On the first day we will cover molding plane anatomy...
  2. M

    Looking for Pine 2" Cove Molding

    I am working on the "Country Pine Bookcases" from Woodsmith (21/123) and the call for a pine 2" cove molding. I checked out my local Lowes, but wasn't able find any. Does anyone know where I could pick some of this up in the Triangle area? I really don't want to have to make this using the...
  3. P

    crown molding cut flat

    I have always cut crown molding the normal way on a miter saw. i would like to try and do it flat because the size does not fit the saw.I looked on the net for the compound angle charts but was wondering if anyone has had experience using these
  4. Jim Murphy

    Window Stool molding

    I'm trimming out the windows in the shop and of course it's my first time and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm obviously going to have to mill something to make the 3 1/4" window stool molding work, but why is there a beveled rabbet at the back? Not so much the rabbet, but why the bevel...
  5. Vanilla Gorilla

    Milling dentil molding

    I am considering trying to make a copy of my girlfriend's night stand for her so she can have 2 of them. But one of my big obstacles is that it has a fair bit of dentil moulding on it, and I haven't the slightest idea how to mill that, short of hand carving it which would be time consuming and...

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