1. B

    New Member Hello

    I just signed on today. Name_ Jerry Burwell, nickname Bear, online name "Beachwolf". Never been part of forums etc. so just pecking around trying to find my way. Found this site while researching wood suppliers. Looks very good so decided to join. I live in Salisbury, about four years. Moved...
  2. zapdafish

    Longtime member catching up on some requirements

    Posting this to preserve my Dairy Queen status. :wsmile: Computer programmer by trade and a wannabe woodworker. So far I have mainly done shop stuff but have started moving onto inside the house projects. :icon_cheers
  3. srhardwoods

    New member

    Hello everyone, newbie here. I've enjoyed reading a lot of threads and decided I needed to join, and hope to have some form of constructive input for the years to come. I live right on the border of VA/NC, in Suffolk. I have a small sawmill operation where we bring sawlogs in from the...
  4. ScottM

    Hand off GWL and met a new member

    Today I had the pleasure to meet a newer member CDPeters from Virginia Beach, VA. I was helping the GWL exchange. We had a wonderful visit and Chris got the full shop tour. Chris will be coming back to take a scroll saw workshop. Here is a pic to prove it really did happen. View image in...
  5. SteveColes

    Avoid DQ and Corporate Member Issues

    Occasionally, we get reports of DQ of Corporate Member issues. While there have been bugs in the code, often the problems are improper settings of the required parameters. In investigating the most recent case, two important things came to light. The fields and settings for DQ and Corporate...
  6. J

    new member post

    It is my pleasure to become acquainted with this community. I am computer literate, but just don't have the time to visit it as often as I would like to. And I do have some limitations. So, please be patient with me. Thank you in advance. First, I love hand tools and working with them. I am past...
  7. H

    New member

    Hey, Thank you for the welcome. I'm an old industrial arts major from ASU (class of 83). I've enjoyed woodworking for many years and have made some furniture, enjoy turnning small items like ink pens & bottlestoppers my lathe, enjoy using handtools and power tools. I'm just getting interested...
  8. T

    long time member never said hello here

    been here for a while and never said hello here cause I never liked the post your real name to the forum to get discount qualified since this is the internet afterall but I guess I am giving in you can call me Tat and I have met a few of you over the last couple of years I live in charlotte...
  9. allisnut

    New Member from Shelby NC

    Hey guys, I found your site today and immediately joined. I have enjoyed working with wood all my life. Most recently I have been turning pens and such. Feel free to check out my hobby page on Facebook. I have several pictures there, I'll figure out...
  10. SheepDog Woodworks

    New Member from VA

    I was lucky enough to stumble across this site today - what a great 'local' resource. My sincere thanks to those who administer the message board and keep it running. I served in public safety for ten years, and after being medically retired from duty, focused my attention on my other...
  11. cskipper

    May board member enter calendar contest?

    I couldn't remember if we are allowed to enter the calendar contest or not. May we?
  12. cskipper

    Member support needed - Agri Civic Center Day Space Albemarle, NC

    This weekend is the Agri Civic Center Day in Albemarle, NC. The Friends of the Agri Civic Center are a non profit corp. NCWW has been invited to participate in having a presence to distribute information, conduct demonstrations, and also to sell our wares. We have been given three booths...
  13. A

    New Member

    Hello! I am Alison and I am a stay at home mom of a 3 year old little girl. We live in Fayetteville, NC and appreciate wood work tremendously! Hoping to meet some neat people and find some close enough to us to help us out with some work we need to have done! Props to the Webmaster for...
  14. NCTurner

    Possible Opportunity for a Member

    Looking for a retiree woodworker to build cornhole boards (Fuquay-Varina) Date: 2011-07-21, 10:15PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] We are looking for a retiree, adept at woodworking and woodfinishing, who would be interested in building...
  15. M

    Been a member for a while... finally posted

    I've met a few folks from the board when I buy/sell stuff locally and I'm pretty sure I've emailed a few regarding pens, etc. In any case figured it was time to come out of lurker mode and do some posting. I'm a newbie woodworker that got sucked into it through my hobby of building drums. I...
  16. A

    newbie new member

    Hey, I'm a newbie woodworker and new member of this list. Been lurking a little while now. I have always wanted to understand how to do at least simple projects in wood. So this summer I took the beginning woodworking class at the NCSU craft center. I made my first piece of furniture...a...
  17. W

    new member

    Not much of a web talker but I do want to learn.
  18. b4man

    Celebrating my newest family member

    Yesterday morning my beautiful grand daughter Imaly was born. Mother and baby are doing well, Grammy is beyond elated:icon_cheers To my ever supportive fellow Board members I'm going to be a little behind on my schedule but as soon as my head comes out of the clouds and my sleep deprivation...
  19. B

    New member

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello. My name is Bill and live in the Newton, NC area. Been doing woodworking for years and woodturning for 3 or 4. I make a lot of sawdust but sometimes I end up with something recognizable. I'm hoping to learn from other members so there's less dust and even more...
  20. M

    New Woodworker Member

    I am not only new to the forum but somewhat new to Raleigh area and woodworking. I moved to Raleigh about 4 years ago and live up on the north side by Falls Lake. I have been around wood working all my life. My father has had the passion for years and it finally hit me (kind of strange it...

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