1. J

    Melamine coated vs. Phenolic coated Plywood

    Are these the same beast? Have you used one or the other and purchased it locally? Cost for 1/2" or 3/4" per 4' x 8' sheet? :dontknow: 1/4 sheet (2' x 4') of 1/2" thick phenolic is about $50. Ouch and yikes...
  2. johnpipe108

    A drill press stand, pine and melamine

    I finally got a chance to go to the "BORG" with transport; I needed a new soldering iron, and looked over the wood and saw what I needed to make a stand for my DP, which has sat forlornly on top of (variously) my sewing machine table or my writing desk! I used an angle gauge to take the...
  3. NCPete

    free! melamine cabinetry

    Seems like it wasn't that long ago when my store went through its last remodel, but it is time again! Over the next few days, I will be posting things from my store that I want to try to keep out of the dumpster. All items are free. We have three of these cabinets. If interested, please...
  4. melamine computer stands

    melamine computer stands

  5. Rob

    Melamine cabinets

    Finally used some of the melamine I got for free from a member. I feel bad because I can't remember his name. But thanks, I have more shop cabinet plans for the rest. Everything was scrap or free with the exception of hardware. I used my Kreg Jig for all assembly. I'm very happy with the...
  6. S

    WTB melamine

    Looking for some melamine 2'+ widths for some shop cabinets.
  7. EricS

    More free melamine

    We have more sheets of melamine PB core 3/4 5x8 and 4x8 mostly cover sheets with scatches and some forklift damage will make excellent shop cabinets. We also have hardrock maple melamine upper cabinets cut out and line bored w/ 1 adj shelf they just need to be assembled 24" x 30" $15.00 each...
  8. J


    I'm doing a shelf for the Y corp. office that has to have supports (knees) under it. Shelf is 30 inches wide, by 120 inches long. To save on expenses, I'm using melamine and edge banding to do the knees. Despite owning a couple of "double sided melamine blades," I was still getting some chip out...
  9. Bas

    More fun with melamine

    Even after making a tapering jig and outfeed table, I still have lots of melamine left over. And since I still haven't given Wayne back his countersink bits, I figured it was time to finally build a drill press table. Those small metal tables with metal ridges 1/4" from the side make it...
  10. Bas

    Melamine help

    Whether you pronounce it mela-mean or mela-mine, the stuff has a lot going for it. Stiff, flat, cheap and slick. But, it's not easy to fasten fasteners! I'm trying to build an outfeed table, I'm tired of using the roller stands. Given the limited amount of space in my shop, I want to make a...
  11. T

    Looking for Melamine in Raleigh area

    Afternoon, Anyone know of a local supplier for 1/2"x4'x8' sheets, white or beige?? The BORG has 3/4", decent price of $27.00 per sheet, but no 1/2". I need it to make drawers. Thanks, Tony ...
  12. nelsone

    Working with melamine - need advise

    I am building a simple stand for a flat panel TV for some clients and I need a little advice. This unit is being designed to fit into an existing shelf unit that was built to surround a large projection TV. I am using black melamine, primarily because they want this quick and black. The unit...
  13. Vanilla Gorilla

    melamine particle board

    Where is a good source in the triangle area for melamine particle board or MDF? I am looking to make some new kitchen cabinets on the cheap, so I will be making the cases out of the particle board and the face frames, doors, etc out of hardwood. What does this stuff cost per sheet?
  14. rick7938

    Melamine Jointery

    I am going to make some cabinets for my pantry using melamine for the box, poplar for the face frames since they will be painted to match the other cabinets, and painted beadboard for the exposed ends. What is the preferred method of joining the tops and bottoms to the sides? Will dadoes and...
  15. Canuck

    Cutting Melamine Particle Board

    Hi, I am in the process of trying to jury rig a potable outfeed table with the top made from 3/4" melamine particle board and was wondering about the best way to cut it with minimal chipping. I just have a 40-tooth combo blade in my table saw and was wondering if that combined with scoring and...
  16. R

    Melamine Board

    Does anyone know where I might find melamine coated MDF in the Charlotte area? Lowes and HD do not have it. Thanks.

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