1. ReynoldsJay

    Mantel Slab, where to find?

    I'm looking at putting up a mantel to dress up my fireplace. Any thoughts and ideas to get a nice size slab? My fireplace is trimmed out with an aged dark wood, so I'm thinking I will finish the mantel to fit in with the current flavor. Dimensions being roughly 72" long X 6-8" wide X 2-3" thick...
  2. MikeL

    New Mantel Almost Finished!

    Greetings, We are in the process of remodeling our living room. The original mantel was a simple wood shelf with one piece of crown below. I removed the crown and built off of the existing shelf. Since my wife wanted everything painted white, I used MDF and pine. Here are a few photos...
  3. Mantel Pics

    Mantel Pics

    After first coat of primer
  4. Mantel Pics

    Mantel Pics

    Everything up and ready for paint
  5. Mantel Pics

    Mantel Pics

    Mounted the sanded corbels to routed base plates
  6. MDF corbels

    MDF corbels

    I laminated 3/4" MDF pieces to make stock for corbels. I traced my corbel pattern onto the laminated stock and cut out the shape on the bandsaw. Here, you can see that the corbels were clamped together to sand both uniformly.
  7. Cato

    Fireplace Mantel Project

    So, in general I am slow as I attempt any finer WW'ing. Tackling this mantel for my daughter's fireplace was hard for me to visualize and keep straight, as it was built upside down and backwards, gee that sounds like most of my work!! Good part of the whole thing is that I got to learn a bit...
  8. 4yanks

    New Mantel and Over-Mantel

    I finally finished a project nearly 4 years after I promised the LOML I would do it. When we had our house built I told the builder not to do anything with the fireplace. I intended to do the trim-work myself. Well time kind of go away from me. So at any rate I started on the project about 2...
  9. Mantel Clock From WoodSmith

    Mantel Clock From WoodSmith

    Mantel Clock From WoodSmith
  10. D

    where can i purchase an ash mantel

    ash would be great but need a mantel to go next to ash cabinets, and dark flooring! need it around 60" long, about 8-10" wide and at least 4" thick! travis porter has two but cant get in touch with him anymore:BangHead:. wanna stone fireplace surround soon, so i can install flooring! thanks...
  11. D

    ivey !?!? looking for an ash mantel piece and ...

    some hickory treads! ash mantel 6' long and maybe 4" thick and 10" wide! like a rough look(dull blade cut).:icon_thum 6 treads(hickory) 4' long 1" thick finished and 12 inch wide! :eusa_pray ivey?????
  12. Mantel closeup

    Mantel closeup

    Closeup of the mantel molding.
  13. Mantel, walnut & bird's eye maple

    Mantel, walnut & bird's eye maple

    A walnut and bird's eye maple mantel.

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