1. Artisan Pirate

    Small Intarsia Mummy, Halloween Scroll Saw Project Video

    Hey Everyone! In this fun scroll saw project video, we make this Small Intarsia Mummy to get into the spooky season! This is my very first Intarsia Video and the project comes from the latest (fall) issue of Scroll Saw Woodworking Crafts Magazine by Fox Chapel Publishing. Hope you all like the...
  2. Artisan Pirate

    Small Mummy Intarsia, My Very First Intarsia Piece!

    Small Intarsia Mummy. My very first Intarsia piece! And with Halloween being my favorite holiday this seemed appropriate. The design is from the latest Issue of @scrollsawwoodworking Magazine (Fall 2023) and I used Ambrosia Maple for the wrappings, Yellow Pine for the Eyes, and Walnut for the...
  3. Intarsia Gray Humpback Whale and Calf with Hawaiian Backdrop

    Intarsia Gray Humpback Whale and Calf with Hawaiian Backdrop

    Whales cut from poplar. The backdrop is birch plywood. Spray and brush-on acrylic paints. The whales can be removed from the backdrop for hanging by themselves.
  4. Humpback Whale and Calf Intarsia

    Humpback Whale and Calf Intarsia

    Walnut and pine.
  5. Humpback Whale and Calf Intarsia

    Humpback Whale and Calf Intarsia

    Dye, stain, and acrylic paint.
  6. wdkits1

    Custom Frames

    Hi Everyone Here are a few photos of my newest project. These Custom Frames were made for presentation gifts for the soccer coaches at the University of Vermont for winning the America East soccer Championship. When I started working with the client the first thing I did was to get written...
  7. wdkits1

    Custom Tavern Sign

    Hi everyone This Custom Tavern Sign is made from White Oak with individually cut Peruvian Walnut letters. The Custom Intarsia Beer Mug is made from Holly, Maple and Yellowheart. No stains, paints or dyes were used on this project. Measures 20" wide x 24" tall. I used a bottom bearing pattern bit...
  8. wdkits1

    Custom Intarsia Frame

    Hi Everyone Here is a sneak peak of my newest Intarsia project.This is the top section of a fairly large frame (24" x 30") made from cherry with Custom Inlay using Maple , Purpleheart, and Lignum Vitae (Green). I used a hinge mortising router bit and 1/2" plywood pattern to recess the inlay. I...
  9. Rose Intarsia

    Rose Intarsia

    None of the pieces are finished or glued yet. They have been sanded and wiped down with Mineral Spirits.
  10. Michael Mathews

    Anyone interested in buying one of Mike Mathieu's Intarsia Keepsake Box Kits?

    Last Saturday Mike Mathieu came to Bill's shop and not only demonstrated Intarsia for 10 of us, we all bought kits and began our own keepsake box! I've asked Mike if he would consider selling more to the group members at a discounted price if I could drum up enough interest. Look at his website...
  11. IMG_09423


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  12. IMG_09403


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  13. IMG_09373


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  14. IMG_09362


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  15. IMG_09352


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  16. IMG_09342


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  17. IMG_09333


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  18. IMG_09323


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  19. IMG_09315


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15
  20. IMG_09304


    Intarsia workshop held 5-9-15

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