1. Hold down clamp

    Hold down clamp

    Hold down clamp
  2. Hold down clamp

    Hold down clamp

    Hold down clamp
  3. Joe Scharle

    Impact driver won't hold bits

    This w/e I had to remove some 1/4" lag bolts from brick. When I tried to remove the drive adapter...it wouldn't release the shank. Pushing and pulling finanly got it loose. However, since then, it won't latch (hold) any bit. Any ideas? Service center is closed until Monday.
  4. Flute Maker

    Method To Hold Flute on Tailstock End

    I turn flutes in 3/4 , 7/8 and 1"...I rout two pieces and glue them together to achieve the bore....Then I put the hollow 1 1/2" blank onto a mandrel and turn it round....Sometimes I need to put it back into the lathe for just a little bit and and want another method beside the...
  5. K

    Bench thickness and hold fasts?

    I'm still working on my bench and I'm getting ready to do the top. I am planning on 3/4" dog holes on a bench that is around 1" thick. Since the hold fast wedges in, is 1" thick enough for that to happen? Also do I buy a 3/4" hold fast for 3/4" hole, or are they 1/16" or something smaller? Wes
  6. W

    Would this hold? Plan B

    After much debate with another friend of mine about the sturdiness of the earlier book shelf, I am finally planning on building someone even more simpler. Below is the plan. Assuming the shelf depth is 12 inches I was thinking if I can cut 6 inches in all the connecting pieces and then fit...
  7. Douglas Robinson

    We need to hold another BoD teleconference

    I have spoken with an acountant and a lawyer that both specialize in non-profits. We need to discuss the details and how we want to proceed. If anyone has other items to discuss please let me know, e.g., raffle, donations, something directly wood related, etc. When is everyone available in...
  8. TracyP

    DISCUSSION: Restore County Search Function in Members List

    Several members have asked that the function that we used to have where you could search members by county reinstated. I found this feature very helpful. It would be a good feature to add back in and do a write up. Any Takers:dontknow::dontknow:
  9. WoodWrangler

    Hold on. Hold down!

    Ok, this time I'm serious ... the last one for a while. The birthday money is now REALLY gone. And YES, I have a workbench for these (I just want to build a bigger one!) ... so I'm planning ahead (yeah, cart before the horse ... I know!) I'll also use this time to show-off my little shop...
  10. Touchwood

    Biesemeyer Fence hold downs

    Hi Folks, Still haven't got my intro on the site, but I'm the "black walnut desk" guy that Jeff posted the pictures for last week. I managed to get one of the $80 Bies fences at Lowes in Sanford,... they still had one, and another in an open box last Thursday for what it's worth. I have a...
  11. J

    Plans for saw horses to hold logs

    I need to find plans for saw horses to hold logs while cutting. Thanks to all in advance Dwight

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