1. lazylabacres

    In Need of Temporary Shop Space

    Hey Y'all, My wife and I are going to be moving to Person County in a few months and that means I am going to lose my shop space (which is currently my 2-car garage). Though the space is small, I have built up my business enough where I am going to be taking it from a side hustle to a full...
  2. 0421181728g


    My garage ... Woodshop in progress
  3. jamie

    HVAC in garage shop?

    It has been a while since I have posted... I have a shop in my garage - about half of a three-car garage, also shared with a car and lots and lots of storage. It isn't that often that I can actually do anything out there- it is way too hot in the summer, and barely bearable in the winter. The...
  4. Garage Shop

    Garage Shop

    This is where the sawdust is made, prior to cleaning it up last weekend.
  5. Garage Shop

    Garage Shop

    This is where the sawdust is made, prior to cleaning it up last weekend.
  6. Garage Shop

    Garage Shop

    This is where the sawdust is made, prior to cleaning it up last weekend.
  7. Garage doors

    Garage doors

    Garage doors
  8. Garage Shop

    Garage Shop

    One side of my garage shop in "standby" mode. The tools are usually out of the way so we can park 2 cars and a motorcycle inside, but giventhe volume of projects I've been doing lately, one of the cars has been outside for several weeks.
  9. K

    Is Vapor Barrier needed when insulating garage?

    I have an attached garage and the exterior wall is uninsulated. I have some R15 Roxul Comfortbatt. However it is unfaced. Does anyone know if I need a vapor barrier? I'm having trouble finding it in the building code. Also from what I've read in other places, how you orient the barrier...
  10. M

    Garage Takeover

    So... after 3+ years in the house the wife has finally caved in to my constant pressure to take over the garage completely. And now I'm in a pickle because I never really thought she'd let me and I've actually got to plan a shop, on a budget. Thanks to my gall bladder deciding it wanted to try...
  11. W

    Insulating fiberglass garage shop doors

    I need to do the above and am wondering what the best way to do it is. Should I just use the regular batten insulation and tape it on or is there another method that is better? Appreciate any help. Thnx.
  12. Joe Scharle

    Garage Door Q for our collective mind

    I'm looking at Lowe's, Home Depot and Overhead Door. Can't seem to find a clear winner except Overhead Door (in New Bern anyway) is 20% higher. I need 130MPH door and I want wood look. I know some of you must have recent experience on this so: Tell the nice man just what you think! About garage...
  13. goodmund

    Woodworker's garage sale in Greesnboro/High Point

    Woodworkers in the Triad: A friend is clearing out the garage of all the woodworking tools. He was only puttering around with the equipment for a few years and everything is barely used, if it's been used at all. A few highlights: Delta dust collector $150 Delta Thickness Planer 22-590 $275...
  14. S

    Garage Update

    Last week I started on my Garage Loft. I based it on the Wasted Spaces show that I had seen a while back. I don't a picture of the "Cleaned out" garage (I never really got it completely cleaned out :gar-La; but I found a picture of the garage while in the construction stage: View image in...
  15. Martin Roper

    Garage work space - $125 (Cary)

    These look like they'd be useful in someone's shop: Garage work space - $125 (Cary) Date: 2011-03-13, 6:30AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] 12 feet of oak cabinets and counter top. To break it down for you there are 5 base cabinets 3ea @...
  16. eyekode

    Garage door insulated!

    After installing a heater in my garage I had to do something about my garage doors. I was going to just get insulated sheathing and cut it to fit. But the panels on my 18' garage door are all over 48" wide. My waste would have ended up being almost 50%! So I went with this kit from Lowes...
  17. 69CG8969


  18. L

    Suggestions for protecting tools in a garage shop

    After 3.5 years of my shop being in storage due to living in a rental house with no potential shop space, I am finally back in action! We just bought a nice house in Climax NC. I am converting one of the garage bays into my wood shop but noticed a problem that hopefully some of you might have a...
  19. Grampy's Shop

    Grampy's Shop

    Grampy's Shop
  20. Drawer Handles

    Drawer Handles

    Leather Drawer Handles

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