1. jcz

    New shop

    My wife and I built our home 5 years years ago. I’ve been using the garage as my work shop. Well, won’t be long now and I’ll have a dedicated work shop for all my needs. I put some money down on a 24x45 with a lean to on the long side. It will be a metal building on concrete slab. Fully...
  2. sawduster

    Finally, a celtic knot

    I have been trying to pull this off for the better part of 3 weeks now....making a jig, making it again and again :BangHead: tweaking my table, my drilling jig , putting lifts in my shoes ...wearing no shoes at all , you get the idea . This is the closest I have come so far . The pen is walnut...
  3. Jay Brewer

    Finally got to do my own kitchen

    Hi everyone, I finally got around to remodeling my kitchen. I started building the cabinets the first week of July. We gutted the kitchen back to the studs. I hired out the Electrical, plumbing, drywall and painting. I did everything else (I forgot how much I hated tile work). The cabinets are...
  4. P

    Finished Home Office Cabinet...Finally

    Well it took nearly three years through a terrible economy and not enough time to work on this but I delivered this project to a very patient client. The original concept rendering View image in gallery The finished piece View image in gallery View image in gallery
  5. Mark Gottesman

    Finally got my Drill Press refurbed and running

    After quite a while this drill press that was made by my father (man in my OWWM avatar) during his college years (1940's) is back up in running. Still needs to have the belt/pulleys sorted. Without rebuilding the chuck the runout was 0.008", good enough for my wooddorking projects. The...
  6. CrealBilly

    I finally found one

    I'm here in southern IL, yesterday I was walking along a creek bed at my sons and there it was, fallen over from the flood this spring, a big old box elder :) I grabbed my chainsaw and waded down into the creek to cut it loose from the rood ball. It has some really awesome streaks of red showing...
  7. B

    Finally Got Back In The Shop And Built BBQ Table

    It has been way to long, but I finally built something this past weekend. I needed a table to go with my BBQ, this is what I came up with.... I got the wood from Anchor Hardwoods in Raleigh, nice folks! Thanks, Bill
  8. Sanders Fine Woodworking


    I think the stars are finally in alignment to get my "new to me" tools from Asheville this weekend. Stephen and I will travel to Asheville to retrieve my Vicmark lathe , Agazzani bandsaw and Jet dust collector. The Jet will go home with Stephen for helping me with the other 1800 lb load. We...
  9. MtnWing

    Finally got a bandsaw

    Been looking for a decent bandsaw for quite a while and spotted a 16 in, 2hp, Grizzly G1073Z on Craigslist that looked like it would fill the bill. I went and looked at the saw and saw it run and it appeared nearly new, which was verified by the owner. Although it is a 2002 model that is no...
  10. J

    Working on (Finally) organizing my tools and getting the shop clean

    I've finally started working on getting my shop cleaned up and my tools organized. I've still more tools to get put up (chisels, etc.). But, it's coming along.
  11. M

    Been a member for a while... finally posted

    I've met a few folks from the board when I buy/sell stuff locally and I'm pretty sure I've emailed a few regarding pens, etc. In any case figured it was time to come out of lurker mode and do some posting. I'm a newbie woodworker that got sucked into it through my hobby of building drums. I...
  12. farmerbw

    Workbench and re-org, finally some progress

    So, I've had a large commercial door ala PhilS that I've been meaning to use to build a movable bench on a section of base cabinet from our kitchen remodel. I've been kicking around doing it and trying to move things around in my garshop to make room to build it much less use/store it. :roll...
  13. S

    Finally my new website!

    If you get a chance please check out my new website. It has taken a long time to get everything together and in place but it is finally up and running. The blog area is mainly for a place to post a step by step process for a carving from beginning to end. I post pictures, describe what is...
  14. GoToLeep

    Chicken Coop / Ark Finally finished

    I finally finished my Catawba chicken coop/ark. Check out my blog page for more pics at Any comments or suggestions for changes or additions are welcomed. Thanks for looking.
  15. lbtripp

    Granddaughter's book case finally completed

    View image in gallery Finally View image in gallery finished my granddaughter's book case. The case is birch with a sanding sealer of dewaxed shellac and denatured alcohol mix, 50-50. Three coats of General Finishes wal View image in gallery nut gel stain and four coats of General...
  16. MrAudio815

    Finally it's Happening~!

    Hello NCWW's, I talked to the owner of the house I am renting and he finally said to go ahead with one of the electrician's bids. I called the electrician immediately after and he said he can get it installed this week, whenever the power company can come and turn off power to the...
  17. mgoins

    Dust Collector - Finally!

    Have been looking to upgrade dust collection in the shop from 4" to 6" pipe for 2-3 years, but have been too resourceful (cheap) to buy new. Yesterday, LOML got up wanting to do a day trip (200+ miles one-way) to IKEA in Charlotte, so before we struck out. I searched Cr**gslist for Charlotte &...
  18. K

    Finally introducing myself :)

    Hi everyone, I am new to wood working, mostly focusing on turning bowls. We bought an older house just over 2 years ago and with it came a large shop. Of course when you buy an older home you need tools. My husband has a very can do attitude, and did a lot of carpentry work with his father in CA...
  19. ErnieM

    Finally built a router table

    After many months of procrastination, I finally decided the time had come to build a router table. The lift is the new Jessum Router-Lift II. It works perfectly and the introductory price ($119.00) was a bargain. I drew up the plans in SketchUp but, like many home-made router tables, it ended up...
  20. C

    Finally getting back in the shop

    I've not done much in the shop for the past year or so - started lots of stuff but haven't finished anything until recently (like last weekend!). Now, I am hoping to finish the conversion of two wall mounted box type shelves into a single free standing book shelf for my daughter's school...

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