1. woodguy1975

    Extravaganza- Support our Troops Pen Turning Event

    Guys do we have coverage for this event. We need to get a sign made up for Klingspor's. They want to help promote the event. Monty and I are supplying MIDI lathes. I think Monty will be turning for some time. Who else is turning? What else needs to be brought? I have a few kits, but not...
  2. woodguy1975

    JSR Woodworking Class Schedule for the Extravaganza

    I figured I'd go ahead and post my class schedule for the show. I'll be instructing/demonstrating all day Friday and Saturday at the show. The classes are FREE to attend. I should have a nice big area away from the noisy booths and there should be signs everywhere for the classes going on...
  3. Tarhead

    Sam Maloof Extravaganza at www.thewoodworkingchannel.com/

    From 6pm to 11pm tonight there will be an 8 part series taped live on stage with Sam Maloof at: www.thewoodworkingchannel.com/ I've seen the first few of these sessions and they're very good. He tells his story and fabricates some of the components of a chair. Hope I'm still making sawdust...
  4. woodguy1975

    Extravaganza Get Together - Chairs Required

    If anyone coming to the get together has any folding chairs please bring them. Between Insomniac and myself we have 15, but I'm afraid that won't be enough. If needed I'll pick up a pack of folding metal chairs so we have enough, but please speak up if you have some and can bring them...
  5. woodguy1975

    Extravaganza Get Together -Who's Coming For Sure

    Chim in if you are coming for sure. I'm getting the head count so I can order the food for the get together. I'm catering in some top notch BBQ. These guys make some good grub. Thanks, John
  6. DaveO

    Getting everybody to the Extravaganza

    We all need to put our heads together and come up with a way that we can all carpool to the gathering. There are several members from the Triangle area who want to go, and others who are along the way to Hickory. With the current and rising cost of fuel, the more people who can go in one vehicle...
  7. Monty


    OK, who's coming?!?!? The Extravaganza ...or, as we affectionately call it: "the big honkin' event" Gathering of NC Woodworkers to follow: link You really don't want to miss this! Meet some reputable Woodnetters (yeah, and I'll be there, too... ;-) ), eat...

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