1. Stuart Kent

    Lumber for Sale Eastern NC

    Hello all, I have about 10,000 BF of exotics for sale. My shop is in Ayden, near Greenville if you want to come peruse. I have to meet by appointment right now because I have a lot of work going on, but please give me a call if your interested. I have some beautiful wide boards in the piles, and...
  2. Stuart Kent

    thanks Eastern NC woodworkers!

    I wanted to thank everyone who came to the 'meet and greet' last night. We talked about the mechanics of forming a guild, goals, potential issues, names, machinery, member benefits, etc. Now that the conversation has been started we have a lot to think about. We agreed to hold a second meeting...
  3. Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    Eastern Red Cedar Adirondack Chair

    My first Adirondack Chair made out of Eastern Red Cedar
  4. B

    WCIF a portable miller in Eastern NC?

    I'm looking for a mill or a portable member in Eastern NC, the closer to Manteo the better. I have one large oak on the ground now and have several mega-pines to come down soon in a lot clearing. I would like to cut the oak into live slabs for tables and the pines into slabs fo a stair case and...
  5. rex1927

    Need eastern red cedar supplier in S.C.

    HI,I need a supplier of eastern red cedar in coastal south carolina. I stay in myrtle beach S.C. area. I need at least 20-1X6X8 now. Will buy a lot more if price is good. I can plane lumber myself if you just rough cut it,just need it to be thick enough that it will clear up at 3/4 or 5/8 inch...
  6. kernnal

    Sawyer in eastern NC

    With Irene having come and gone. We now have to deal with the aftermath. Part of that is the enormous amount of old growth trees that are downed. I have many friends and family that have healthy oaks and poplars uprooted and would hate to all this go to firewood. Does anyone know a sawyer...
  7. eastern cedar pow wow drum

    eastern cedar pow wow drum

  8. S

    wood for sale in Bath, NC

  9. flyrod444

    Silver Maple sent to Eastern NC

    In my earlier post I didn't have any pic's of the large Maple rounds that Mike Smith and I loaded up onto his trailer manually. Here are a few pictures of it on his trailer after he got it home. I didn't measure it but I would have to guess it is around 40" +. It had some nice spalting around...
  10. Russ Denz

    Need help in Eastern NC

    Although I wish everyone who reads this is gainfully employed to their max, all the news outlets say otherwise, so I'm hoping someone can benefit from my situation. Specifically, we are preparing to move back to the desert and my "man cave" needs a lot of work before we can pack it up...
  11. S

    4/4 Eastern Red Cedar: $2 bf

    4/4 rough cut eastern red cedar. 4" widths x 8' lengths. Shorter lengths also available. Dry and ready to use. $2 bf. Located in Bath, NC.
  12. Logger Bo Malpass

    Logger Bo Malpass

    Bobboy Goodson and Bo Malpass
  13. Logger Bo Malpass

    Logger Bo Malpass

    In deep conversation with the boss!
  14. Logger Bo Malpass

    Logger Bo Malpass

    Snow stops the haulin
  15. mlzettl

    Unisaw on Eastern NC Craigslist

    I just saw this this morning, looks like it might be a good deal for anyone looking for a Unisaw or the like. No photo, but the ad says it also includes a dust collector, and a "T-Square fence," which I would assume is the Delta Unifence. http://eastnc.craigslist.org/tls/1621474639.html Matt
  16. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  17. Perquimans County corner cupboard

    Perquimans County corner cupboard

  18. Truefire

    Eastern NC Sawmills?

    Hey guys can any of you inform me of any local sawmills located in Eastern NC near Greenville. I was told of a guy in Washington at one time but cannot for the life of me locate that number or address at this time. Thanks what I really need are several near the Greenville area within 30...
  19. G_ville_worker

    Where to buy glass for projects in Eastern NC

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a place to buy glass for picture frames. This weekend we had some portraits done of our 3 month old daughter. Grandparents will be getting these as gifts this Christmas. I have some walnut and maple that is begging to be used. I made a walnut frame yesterday as a...
  20. G

    Hello from Eastern NC

    Looking forward to retirement in about a year (give or take a couple of months). Can't play golf all of the time - and am looking forward to playing in the workshop. I've got a great next door neighbor who is supplying the work space (three car detached garage with heat and A/C) - I've supplied...

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