1. J

    Raleigh Habitat Reuse Store Deals

    Today, I was in the Raleigh Habitat Reuse store, and saw the following: Work station tops, 32" X 72", 1 1/4" thick melamine coated $20,) and folding tables $15 - $25. Tables are in POOR condition, but leg sets are the heavier ones, and in good condition. Leg sets make a great base for break down...
  2. J

    Rockler Deals - You Have to Look

    First free shipping (code 2U101) expires 1-04-12. When buying from Rockler, you have to look to get best deal. I like their feather boards, especailly the double ones. Jan catalog, on page 64 has double feather board fror $29.99. Right below it is retrofit double feather board for $8.99. On...
  3. J

    Two less than $10 tool deals from Lowes

    As usual, Lowes / HD are running their gifts under $$ thing right now. Lowes has two that I took advantage of. First is 1/4" drive , 20 piece KOBALT socket set. Eighteen sockets (9 standards and 9 metric,) ratchet and extension- $9.98. Other is a 42 piece KOBALT impact screw driving set for...
  4. T

    maybe some deals in charlotte craigslist this is not my stuff I know the Leigh jig is gone cause I got it but he has a few other things that might be a good deal to someone... it to a day or two for the guy to call me back but he is really nice and his shop space made me drool
  5. ScottM

    Black Friday floor mat deals

    NOT MINE. NO CONNECTION. For those near a Tractor Supply Store (TSS) they have their 4'x6'x 3/4 rubber stall mats on sale for $29.99. I cut them into 4'x2' sections. They make great mats for putting by stationary tools and benches. Unlike the the interlocking mats you get at the BORG these...
  6. MarkE

    A couple of CL deals on cherry and oak

    Found these 2 this morning. Not mine. red oak lumber - $200 (willow springs) Date: 2011-04-20, 6:05PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have 150 bf of red oak lumber it is kiln dry...
  7. ScottM

    Super Deals From Klingspor

    These are worth the trip: Are you having trouble viewing this email? Go to our site page».
  8. PChristy

    Klingspor Black Friday deals
  9. Tar Heel

    This may be one of those too good to be true deals

    In another post on this forum, I said that I was having trouble with the motor on my HF 34706 lathe. I called customer service today and asked how much a new motor costs. I was shocked at the answer.....$42.30 plus $9.95 shipping. I am not ready to upgrade to a better lathe so this might be...
  10. K

    Bunch of deals up for auction!

    Nothing mine but looks like some good deals if you can get the price right.
  11. flatheadfisher

    Good Deals - Winston-Salem CL

    Not mine. Dewalt 735 - Dust Collector - There are more from the same person but the above two looked like the best deals.
  12. NCTurner

    Vendor deals on WW forums?

    Would creating a list to publish be a good idea? Barbara
  13. J

    Pawn Shop Deals

    Cary Pawn on West Chatham Street has a DeWalt 735 for $299. National Pawn on Capital Blvd has a JB vacuum pump for $49.99. If you are even thinking about getting into vacuum bagging, this is a deal. Prices don't include sales tax, nor are they etched in stone.
  14. bobby g

    router bit deals

    Eagle America deals of the week. You can sign up for the weekly updates. Good company to deal with. bobby g
  15. NCTurner

    Shop Lighting Deals?

    Anyone know who has the best deal going on some shop lights? 4 or 8'
  16. J

    HF $9.99 Deals

    Today, I went to HF to get one of their 6" stainless steel digital calipers, and a set of their "knock off Uni bits." Each item was, you guessed it $9.99. Surprisingly, the knock offs were made in China using licensed patent tech. from the USA. Calipers are usually $12.99 on sale. I'm thinking...
  17. R

    Combine deals at

    Woodcraft has free shipping on orders over $75 through 2/14/ coupon code automatically applies...I combined this with coupon code 812 for 10% off on top of that... 85O14JOINTER DUST HOOD1$5.99$5.9985U654" X 2 1/2" REDUCER1$4.12$4.1285O114" ELBOW1$5.24$5.2485O124"...
  18. NCTurner

    CL deals in N. Raleigh

    Table saw, jointer, shaper, sander, planer, - $1 (North Raleigh) Date: 2010-01-24, 11:34AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I am selling these Items from my garage work shop Heavy duty Rockwell, table saw 220 volt strong machine, works...
  19. Woodchuck

    Great Deals on Books

    Hey All, Just got this on email and thought some of you might be interested, Looks like some great buys on a lot of different topics. Chuck
  20. ScottM

    CL deals in Southern VA

    Looks like some bargins to be had:

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