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  3. New lathe setup

    New lathe setup

    Also planning to build my lathe tool cart today. Old tray won't work with the new setup.
  4. Day Lilly Carving

    Day Lilly Carving

    Day Lilly Carving
  5. D

    Valentines Day sale ideas

    My schools (East Carolina University) art department is having a Valentines day sale coming up. The wood design department is encouraged to have things in there as our department is sort of on the chopping block to get desolved into sculpture :gar-Cr So any ideas of some small things I could...
  6. Joe Scharle

    Watch out for a rainy day + boredom +

    Wood magazine article + scrap, or you may end up with one of these... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  7. T

    Nice day in the shop today :) (PICS ADDED 1/8/12)

    It has been a long time since I had any fun in my shop. 1st, Put the finishing touches on a small activity table for the girls I started last spring. 2nd, Cleaned up a mess of sawdust (yes it was fun) See this post. 3rd, The real problem with my dust collection system is the only switch I...
  8. T

    CPO 12 days of Christmas deal of the day

    Hitachi DB3DL2 3.6V 1.5 Ah 1/4-in HXP Lithium-Ion Screwdriver $69.99 brand new and shipped too you...... I had to get one for myself today since I have been wanting one for a year and waiting for the price to drop... it is $20 cheaper then you can get it any where else I found and big sky tool...
  9. F

    Thomas Day nesting table patterns?

    Hi all, I am interested in the Thomas Day nesting table, wish that I got the pattern when it was on display at the Raleigh museum. Found a link on this Google book page...
  10. golfdad

    Turkey Day

    Hope everyone has a safe and great Thanksgiving....we all have many blessings:eusa_clap
  11. cskipper

    Member support needed - Agri Civic Center Day Space Albemarle, NC

    This weekend is the Agri Civic Center Day in Albemarle, NC. The Friends of the Agri Civic Center are a non profit corp. NCWW has been invited to participate in having a presence to distribute information, conduct demonstrations, and also to sell our wares. We have been given three booths...
  12. scsmith42

    Woodworking related event in the Triangle Labor Day weekend

    Folks, if you don't already have plans for Labor Day, you might want to consider visiting Silk Hope, NC and attending their "Old-Fashioned Farmers Day event. Their facility has a complete, steam powered, belt fed lumber operation that includes a sawmill, double planer, edger, resaw, and...
  13. LeftyTom

    Happy New Used Plane Day

    Won this off the fleabay for $20 inclding shipping. No name or marking that I can find. It is 13.5" long, and the frog is not set flush with mouth angle. The handle may not be original as the front of the base extends beyond the mounting base. The depth adjuster works, and this is the first...
  14. Bill Clemmons

    A day carving with PeteM

    Recently, in another thread, PeteM offered to spend time w/ anyone interested in learning to carve. Well, yesterday, my grandson and I took him up on his generous offer. We drove down to Charlotte and monopolized about 3 1/2 - 4 hours of his time. What a great guy, and a wonderful visit...
  15. Gotcha6

    Agri Civic Center Day Space Albemarle, NC

    Booth space is available (10x30) at the upcoming Agri Civic Center Day August 27, 2011 in Albemarle, NC. Members are invited to sell or demonstrate WWing products being made. A donation is expected to the Friends of the Agri Civic Center. Center is located on NC24 approx. 3 miles SW of...
  16. P

    Antique and Reclaimed Lumber for sale. Come out to the Open House Day in Durham!

    Open House Reclaimed Lumber Sale! 5401 Friends School Road, Durham, NC 27705 on Saturday July 9th from 9:00 A.M. -- 2:00 P.M. (Refreshments provided) Up for sale +/- 100,000 board feet of quality, unique reclaimed and antique lumber salvaged in North Carolina over the last 24 years. Buy great...
  17. CarvedTones

    Father's Day - whadjaget?

    I'll start... I got a multi-tool that looks an awful lot like the one Matt had for sale at the picnic and I pointed out to my family. I got a set of turning tools that look exactly like the ones I got as a door prize at the picnic. They did spend a little more on something that is actually...
  18. ScottM

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. Enjoy your day.
  19. J

    Flag Day June 14th

    Don't forget to fly your American Flags tomorrow. Celebrate the freedom we enjoy, and what The Flag stands for.
  20. manfre

    10% off Powermatic tools for Father's Day June 6-19

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